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Tony the Turfman – making green spaces for you

Coming up to a normal weekend, I am wistfully remembering our long weekend. And how nice would it be to have a “Long ” weekend each weekend. I might actually get something done around our house. I’m not sure how many of you are partners of “tradesmen”. They are those wonderful people who go to other peoples houses and fix and create masterpieces for them, and then come home so exhausted that they can’t do the same at home. Some of my close friends have tradesmen Partners.Wives of builders are still waiting for a wall to be finished. A husband of a painter is waiting for his office to be painted. And a close friend whose husband is an electrician has a light switch that doesn’t turn on anything…yet! It really does make me happy that my husband isn’t a Doctor. I could very well be sick all the time!

But over a long weekend, the whole story can change. On Saturday Tony the Turfman created a beautiful Palmetto lawn for a family in Casuarina. And then on Sunday my wonderful Landscaper husband, Tony the Turfman, created our Out Door Shower that he was going to create now for 3 years. And it is amazing! The water comes out onto the beautiful paved non slip area, with great gusto, and then drains down onto our grassed area. Giving our grass a wonderful summer water after we have been at the beach, well it will do. True not really the time of year to test it out, but the kids gave it a go anyway.

Now coming up to a “Normal” length weekend I am faced with the reality of knowing that no new exciting projects that we have been dreaming and designing for years will be made. This week Turfman has been out busily creating lawns and irrigation systems, Water features and Play spaces for other peoples families to play and enjoy. So I will enjoy my shower, in the summer. And then hopefully in the summer, I can get my Pizza Oven created so we can all sit around the oven and get warm next winter. Slightly comforted in the knowledge that he will be doing all the exciting projects at someone else’s home. Making skids on the grassoft places for little feet to play.

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Turfman Sponsors Kingscliff Hockey Under 11’s Pippies Team

Tony the Turfman is proud to announce their sponsorship of the Pippies under 11’s Kingscliff Hockey Club.

The Turfman loves to sponsor sporting kids clubs. Its so important to support our kids in their involvement in team sports and out door activities. Tony the Turfman supplied the Pippies team with new shirts for the next two years. Each year we look for teams to sponsor with either shirts or game fees to help our kids play the games they love.

Go the Green Team!


Check out our new page – Tony the Turfman. He is our Local Lawnatic who knows all about Turf installation and lawn and garden maintenance, as well as visually appealing gardens that are also practical to everyday life. Tony is also my husband and father of our 3 lovely children. Tony has the knowledge from years of working at Coastal Turf and learning our tricks of the trade for optimum lawn grass growth and health that he can now use to make your lawn look Green and Lush.

Having 3 children and 2 dogs, Tony knows the practical uses of a lawn. Like backyard football and trampoline areas, the local gymnastic center, or it is at our house and a lavatory area for the fury part of our family. He knows how is has to be hardy and ready to use. In all places.

Turfman can also prefer your other gardens needs…

I wont babble on here, just click over to the page and have a look


Go from Brown to Green lawn instantly!

Go from Brown to Green lawn instantly with the Turfman!

Feature Paving with Turf installation

Feature Paving with Turf installation









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(unofficial Lawnatic)

Greening your lawn by the Turfman

My husband feels that he know has the writers knack, so he threw this together for me. Tony the Turfman performs lawn installations and cares for lawns after they are installed so he knows what he is talking about, but is his style as good as mine? Let’s see…
Green is good

How many times over the last 30 years have we heard the term “GO GREEN”? Now mostly it is in reference to us all being more environmentally friendly. Using our GREEN bags, converting to GREEN energy, and of course the “GREENIES”.

I think that the most important and obvious green is the one right under our feet, our lawns!

And it never hurts to have a financial benefit as well as health benefits. Qld has recently completed some surveys that prove people are willing to pay up to 15% extra for a home that has a green, tidy lawn out the front. In most cases that is $40,000 benefit. Nice for a bit of grass that you mow once in a while.

But how do we get and maintain that green lush grass in our homes?

All locals know that the sand we have here in Caba is not the most ideal for wonderful gardens and thriving, lush grass. We do however have a very high rainfall and access to quality local soil. Knowing this, I have some great tips as to how to improve on what we have.

Now some of us are lawn fanatics, those that are out everyday weeding their lawns, hand cutting the edges, always having the best looking lawns around. And good for them. People with the time and energy for such things should hold their head high. And for the rest of us with busy lives, family and work commitments, what are are options?

Like my car, once every year I do a big service on my yard, A grease and soil change if you will. This, combined with some seasonal feeds and a little love and care keeps my turf running smoothly, looking good, and functioning the way I want it to. Lets start with coming out of winter into spring.

About now the days get longer, and weather gets warmer and we tend to venture outside again. Ahh the joys if spring. We take that big breath of fresh air, filling us with excitement!and then we cast our gaze across our lawn. Winter has taken its toll, especially the late cold followed by extreme heat.

Rain appears unlikely at the moment ( although I have my fingers and toes crossed for it to come) but, when you see it coming, throw out some organic fertiliser (blood and bone, dynamic lifter or rooster booster) across the top of your lawn and let the rain wash it in,( this will wash the fertiliser in and get rid of the smell as well). But as there is no real rain at moment, put out the fertiliser onto your lawn in the morning and water well in. Why in the morning? well a couple of reasons – firstly the grass is at its most receptive to accept water and food at this time. Secondly the smell is terrible, and most people are off to work ( no cranky neighbours). And if you have kids, give them a hose in the afternoon to finish it off. This will cool the grass down, the kids down, probably the dog, and maybe even the washing.

Like all living things grass needs plenty of water. Don’t wait until your lawn is brown and crunchy, then it’s too late. Watering should be done as you see the grass start to shrivel. But water is too expensive! I hear you say. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Using the Australian sprinkler is a time honoured tradition but use it sparingly(10 mins an area).
A great everyday tip-
washing machine water is great for your lawn, as is other grey water in your home. Get a hose and run it out!

And then for the major service for the year.if you have very poor, impoverished soil, top dressing is great. Again spring is a good time, but whenever you have the time and energy is great too. Top dressing is getting some good nutrient rich soil, (grab a fistfull of it and squeeze, if it sticks together it is good, again it should smell BAD) and spread it evenly across your lawn so that the leaves are popping through. Just before rain is a great time to do this as well, but water if you need to. The nutrients are driven into the root base giving the grass a great big hearty feed. Top dressing also gives you the chance to fill in any of those little holes or divets in your lawn and level your yard up.

Green is good. Green is healthy. Green is financially worth while. Green is Grass and grass is good.

Your lawn has the potential to be so much more than that thing you mow , it can be your entertainment area, your relaxation spot, the backyard stadium where games of vital importance are played and a safe haven for your family. Make it green, make it lush, sit back and watch the grass grow – relax.

Palmetto Buffalo – your new Lawn

Only have a small yard? Don”t get a lot of light? But still really want the green soft area to look at and walk on with your bare feet?

Then I have the right grass for your yard! Palmetto Buffalo!

Small Yard?

Just because you only have a small are, does not mean you should miss out on having the Aussie dream of a grass area to love. Being a small area, you won’t really want to be out there mowing and watering all the time. The Palmetto buffalo requires a third of the mowing and watering of any other buffalo!

Low Light?

And just because you have neighbours who shade your yard from the harsh heat of the sun, or tress that give you all the privacy that you need, does not mean you have to miss our on the outside carpet! The Palmetto buffalo only needs 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. And that doesn’t have to be all at once. You can have bit on the morning, and a bit in the afternoon.

Want a lush fluffy lawn to walk on?

Of course you do! Why else do you install turf? Because you want the soft cushion of thick leaves underfoot, comforting your feet as you do boring things like hand out the washing, or exciting things like kicking the ball around.Palmetto Buffalo has a thick lush leaf that grows tight knot creating a beautiful green carpet for you and your family to enjoy. And because of the thick lush leaves, you are less likely to get air born weeds like bindis in your lawn.

Want proof that Palmetto Buffalo is perfect for you?

Then check out this video that Tony the Turfman created to show how to make a small yard beautiful with Palmetto buffalo



Contact us Now t get this happening at your place


Instructional Videos

I love How to Dad on Facebook. He is so funny. And I really wish he was around when my kids were small. They may not have turned my hair so grey.

In thinking about how his instructional videos help so many fathers and make mothers laugh, Tony the Turfman and Coastal Turf have made REAL instructional videos for installation of lawns, preparation of areas, and some about ta year on our farm. we have take a snap shot of the Turfman’s day and turned it into instructional videos.


You may have already seen some of these on our Facebook pages, Coastal Turf Facebook, but now we have a youtube “channel” I guess. Have a look at these videos and see what you think. But please remember I grow lawns and make them beautiful, I’m not so awesome at the whole Youtube thing yet.

Hopefully these links work. Coastal Turf Youtube

Chat soon,

And let me know what you think.



REAL Grass makes REAL Sport! With support from your local Coastal Turf

This week has been pretty exciting for me.

Coastal Turf and Tony the Turfman are great believers of being part of our community. And encouraging our kids, families, and friends to play games of all sorts on REAL GRASS. There are so many many health benefits of playing sport an a real natural surface like grass.


The bodily fluid absorption is a big one for me. My kids are the type of kids that although not extremely talented in any real sport, they throw their body on the line. I have told my daughter time and time again, especially as a small child, that skipping hand in hand with your best friend, although super fun and super cute, and probably quite talented, is not a real sport. If its not in the Olympics, its not a real sport. Where as Hockey, and football (of various varieties) are Olympic and Internationally recognised sports. And being children of a Turf Farmer and a Turfman being on REAL GRASS makes then especially appealing.


Take Football. I love that the Tweed area have started a Womens league for both Afl and NRL. I totally do not understand either of them. But we want to support them running on the grass, tackling on the grass and falling on the grass. Coastal Turf supply the Womens Tweed Coast Tigers with some Green couch for their oval. And support the Tweed Coast Tigers.

Go the Tigers! Love that Green Couch to run on and fall on.


The Tweed Coast Raiders Junior and the Senior teams are all supported by the Turfman. We believe that it is so  important to get kids out and playing sport so they will carry the love of REAL Grass and being outside playing sport on REAL GRASS for the rest of their lives.


Coastal Turf was very proud to support the Kingscliff Hockey Clubs juniors to arrange for them to all have a training shirt.



Nothing better than smiling faces of kids playing sport. So much fun.


So go out and enjoy your lawn. Train your future REAL GRASS players. And get them down to Kingy Hockey Club or Tweed Tigers or Tweed Coast Raiders and join them up to play on REAL GRASS some REAL sport.


Chat soon


PS Look for me at the next AFL Tweed Tigers game. And come over and explain to me what is happening, and appropriate times to cheer.





Empire Zoysia Lawn, tried tested and approved by Ethel the Turfdog.

Ethel the Dog on the Empire ZoysiaThis week Tony the Turfman and his crew installed a beautiful new Empire Zoysia lawn at Ocean Shores. The gentleman wanted a thinner leafed soft cushioning lawn, without the fuss and other, and the ability to withstand a little shade. And he choose the Empire Zoysia. Ethel the Turfdog agreed with his choice. It was a wonderful lawn for a lie down after a quick inspection of the property. And Tony the Turfman and his boys worked hard to install the beautiful Zoysia slabs into a Empire Zoysia Lawn.

AS you can see, team work is the best idea for lawn installations, with someone carting the turf to the right places, someone lining up and installing the slabs, and the most skilled and coordinated person using the cane knife to cut into the edges and shape the slabs into a beautiful lawn.

Have a great ANZAC weekend. For those marching, thank you.

We are booked out this weekend, but are happy to take your orders for the following week from Tuesday on delivery.

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Turf – not just for horses

Well its that time of year again that when you google Turf, you can get  whole lot more than just some farms come up. Tomorrow is the Great Melbourne Cup. The race that stops nation. Puts women into high heals and hats, and mens into south in the heat of the day. Its like a wedding, only without your relatives you HAVE to invite. And you can bet legally at the Races. This year the Coastal Turf team and the Tony the Turfman Crew will be at Murwillumbah Jockey Club celebrating the TURF.

Race day fun

I am really really terrible at picking a winner at the races. I like the pretty looking ones, or any jockey that wears green, blue or pink. Turns out there are heaps of them. But I do like to don a pair of heels and aerovate the lawn. Thats right Ladies you are doing a public service wearing your high heels on the lawn. By putting those little spikes down into the grass. You are actually opening up the air pathways and creating better pathway for the micro organisms and bugs and works to travel through, improving the health of the lawn. So if your husband says get off the lawn, get him to give me a ring. I promise not to give him a horse racing tip; But I will explain how you are helping the lawn’s health, and how he should be wonderful to you about it.


You local Turf Club needs us ladies to go and help with the health of their lawn. Support them with your heels. And then the next time your lawn is looking a little unhealthy and compacted, have an old fashioned Garden Party with the high heels to fix your lawns health as well. I will endorse the party as for being for investment reasons. A well cared for lawn adds value to your home!


Happy Race day all of you!


Sunday’s plans- What are you up to this long weekend? (Go the Cowboys!)

What are your long weekend plans? Are you going camping out into the wild yonder? Are you going to visit Grandma? Or are you lazing by the Pool? To those lucky ones you are probably installing a new lawn? And the luckier ones are sitting back and enjoying their Coastal Turf lawn. Like a Gentleman today who asked if he should sit with a stubby in one hand and a hose in the other all weekend for his newly installed turf. I thought that sounded like a lovely idea. Or are you going to be closely glued to a TV screen on Sunday to cheer the Cowboys home to a Grand Final NRL victory? Thats is where we will be. We do have a small problem in our house this weekend though, because we have a couple of Bronco supporters and then more Cowboys supporters. So Sunday is the day of fun and games at our place.


This year we are off to the Sunshine Coast to celebrate with some friends and family. And like some of you may have seen on other posts, we always have the traditional Grand Final Half Time mini game. This year is no different. All the Dads and some Mums get our there with the very excited kids and play a mini game of football. It is usually more funny, than fun. Which is awesome! And in previous years, we have played on the Soft Blue couch lawn or our Palmetto Patch at our place and had a lovely comforting surface to fall back on. Ahhh. This year we will be on foreign soil. An Away game if you will. I just hope that their lawn is as awesome as ours, and that the falling (not so much tackling. The beer usually helps with that) is as soft and comforting. Although they do have a Qld Blue Couch Lawn. So fingers crossed. I hope your half time shenanigans as as fun as ours!

Surf Life Savings house Miramar

But before you go and wrestle on the turf, preferably a Coastal Turf turfed lawn, why not go and have a drive around the new estate at Miramar in Kingscliff/Casuarina and find the new Surf Life Savings Raffle house. Tony the Turfman installed the lawn and is maintaining its beauty to make your raffle ticket purchase worth more money long term! So support the Surf Living Saving people, be envious of the blue lawn, but buy a ticket to support a great cause.


Ant then next week call and have us bring your house some beautiful Blue to install at your place, so you can be envious no more. Just content with a beautiful lawn (and hopefully a Cowboys win!!!!!!)


Chat soon, but not early on Monday