Easter Lawns

Well the wet weather has set in again. Just in time for Easter. Every year at Easter time, it seems to rain. Thats why it’s best not to plant camping trip at Easter. But rather a stay-cation at home where you know the food is good, and the beds are perfect.

On your 4 day hopefully holiday, why not take the time to sit back and reflect upon your lawn.

The wet weather means for those looking for turf, a little extra wait for the best lawn to arrive. Or it could mean, extra time for planning. Looking at your area, and planning on what the best type of turf would suit your lawn. Need a little extra help? Have a look at our turf table.

Our Paddocks are bathing in the rain, and growing thick and lush. But they do not like to be harvested when the paddocks are wet. It just makes mud. So we will all have to wait until Tuesday 5th April to have your beautiful Coastal Turf lawn delivered. Hopefully in the lovely 🌞!

Our Coastal Mix paddock

For those with beautiful lawns already installed, it means it time for you to throw some brilliant fertiliser across your lawn. The amazing rain will soak in all the nutrients right down tot the root systems, letting your lawn absorb it quickly and flush a brilliant dark green. A pelletised fertiliser is best at this time of year, like the All Rounder, as it will give your lawn food and nutrients over the next couple of months.

Are your little ones looking for a wet weather activity! Print our Coastal Turf colouring page. We would love to see what brilliant creations your family comes up with! We will be putting on our Facebook pages a few of the best. If you cannot download it here, email Sarah and we will send you a special one.

Lawn Grubs in your lawn?

Has a your lawn gone from looking lush and a beautiful dark green colour over summer, to a brown, patch work of grass? Sounds like you have a Lawn Grub problem. The warm humid weather has been the perfect breeding conditions for that horrible pest- the LAWN GRUB!

Lawn Grubs have been devastating well maintained and much loved lawns all along the Northern NSW and Gold Coasts. The transformation from a beautiful lush lawn to patchy grass can sometimes be almost over night.

The evil Lawn Grub starts its life in an egg. The Mother moth lays hundreds of little eggs in a place that is protected from the elements. Like fly screens, ceilings, and clothes lines. Then the little caterpillar like grubs hatch at night, falling from their eggs to the ground on a thin silk like thread to the lawn.

The lawn grub eggs on a Roller door hatching at night

These like bugs then sit in the thatch of your lawn feasting at night, and hiding and sleeping during the day in the lower parts of your lawn. They eat the leaf and all fresh growth first, then move onto consuming the entire lawn.

After gorging themselves, they cocoon and hatch into a mother who starts the whole process again. Looking for a healthy, lush , delicious lawn for its babies to consume.

The pain and suffering of watching your beautiful lawn disappear can be avoided though by using Acelepryn GR on your lawn. Either as soon as you realise you have them, or as year round protection. At Coastal Turf our crew recommends placing the granules in your lawn in September, to avoid the start of Spring Lawn grub invasion. Then again in December to protect you from the plagues of lawn grub that come in the moist warm conditions of Summer. Then again in March to protect you over Easter and into Winter. By apply 3 times a year you will be able to kill the grubs that are in your lawn now, while also having protection in your lawn for the lawn grubs you cannot see.

Not sure if you have them or if something else is happening with your lawn? You are always welcome to contact our Crew at Coastal Turf and we will do our best to assist you with the problem. It’s not just your lawn that you can let you know.

If you are worried about what is in the Aclepryn GR, have a read here about the ins and outs of the granules. Of all the lawn grub killers and protection substances, Acelepryn we have found to be the safest for families and domestic use. We still recommend using caution when applying, as with all substances to your lawn.

After you kill of your infestation, we recommend you apply a beautiful fertiliser to start the recovery process for your lawn. A Turfmaxx, or an All Rounder fertiliser will give you long term food for your lawn, and the liquid applications will provide a faster recovery for your lawn. Have a look at the different fertilisers here.

Contact our Crew for more help with your lawn care here.

2024 The Green Year Ahead

Is 2024 the year that you turn your yard into a beautiful new Green lush lawn?

Hi, I’m Sarah. And I have decided I am not the type of person to make New Years resolutions, and stick to them. For so many years I have tried really hard to have good New Years resolutions. Resolutions like I will not eat so many hot chips. Or I will drink less wine, and much more water. Or I will exercise at least for an hour a day. I try to stick to them, but I usually only lasts about 2-3 weeks. One year I made the whole month.

Are you like me? Or are you the type of person who makes amazing New Years resolutions and sticks to them? Are you one of those amazing people I see in February who are still excising each morning? Maybe you are actually using your gym membership by going to the gym? Bravo to you! Or are you like me, who now just have good intentions?

Good Intentions are way more achievable I think. Good intentions are when you choose to do something and then you slowly work your way there. No rush or pressure. Just a really good feeling that you are going to do something good. One of my Good Intentions I am going to follow this year, is to make it as easy as possible for people to have a beautiful new lawn.

Nearly everyone I talk to loves a good green healthy lawn. While I have been talking with my friends over the New Years break they have been asking me so many questions about how to make their lawn better, or what would be the best new turf for their lawn that will be low maintenance and soft enough to sit on without a blanket.

After listening to these conversations over a bowl of hot chips and possibly a glass of wine, the Crew here at Coastal Turf and I have been working on easier ways for you to achieve your Good Intentions, or for those committed amazing people, your New Years Resolution of a beautiful new lawn.

For the people who are looking for a new lawn, we have an easy to use table to see which turf grass would suit you, making your choice easier and simpler. Then if you are one of this amazing people who are looking at the turf types between 7am to 3pm Monday to Friday, you can give us a call in the office and we can chat with you about your turf choices. You can then place your order with us in the office.

Or if like me, your Good Intentions get put on the back burner during the day, and you are looking for ways to fulfil your good intentions, (or your NEW YEARS Resolutions) after dark, head over to here and order your turf on line. Pick and choose the day you want delivery. Need something different, add it into the notes and we will see what we can do to help!

Blue couch Lawn installed by Tony the Turfman

If your New Years Good Intention is to renovate your existing lawn into something brilliant, we got you! We have this amazing product called RENOVATE. You sprinkle it over your lawn and water in, and the fertiliser does all the work for you! New Years Resolution/ Good Intention done in one easy step. And if you are looking to get the job done even faster, then use our ENHANCE liquid fertiliser to take you lawn from dull to Brilliant Green over night. I love a quick easy tick to a resolution or good intention.

If your New Years Good intention is to kill as many lawn grubs as possible without cause pain or worry to yourself, Acelperyn GR just became your new best friend in the fight. Easy to apply and long lasting protection means more death to the lawn easters, and more time enjoying your lush lawn for you.

I think that this year, my Good Intentions of helping lawn owners be happier is much much more achievable than eating less hot chips; or drinking more water; or exercising consistently. I hope the crew and I here can help you achieve your lawn goals. Now, I think we both need to congratulate ourselves with a glass of wine….

Which grass is best for your new lawn?

There are so many different types of turf grasses out there. And often it is hard to know which one will be the best for your home. Lets have a look at the differences between the Buffalo turf grasses, like Sir Walter and Pacific Buffalo,  Blue Couch, and the Pacific Zoysia.

When you ask your friends and family which type of lawn they think is best; everyone will have a different opinion. It really comes down to their person experience with the grasses. And while so many of us have similar experiences, none of us are exactly the same, with the same wants and needs for our lawns. As turf grass experts, let us guide your through your decision.

As a little bit of a guide for which is best for you, we have broken it down in to 5 main factors you need to consider to get the best type of turf grass for your new lawn. 

Blade Width

This is quite often the most important of the differences. Its not just how the lawn looks, but how the lawn will grow. The difference in the look of the blade of the grass means they will grow in different conditions. The wider the leaf, the less sunlight it will need to thrive. The thinner the leaf, the more direct sunlight er day it will need to stay lush and healthy. 

A thinner leaf grass will need more direct sunlight per day to photosynthesise. The thinner the leaf the longer it has to be in the sun to convert food and sunlight into energy. The thicker the leaf  the less time it needs. That is why your thin leaf grasses, like couches, need all day sun to thrive. 

The Aussie Blue needs 6 hours of direct sunlight per day to stay healthy and happy. The leaves are soft and fall across each other. Making it comforting and soft to walk upon. 

The Pacific Zoysia, has a medium blade leaf, about 1.5mm wide. These leaves stand upright next to each other creating a thick mat. With a slightly thicker leaf than the couch, the Pacific Zoysia needs 4-5 hours of direct sunlight per day to stay healthy and dense and lush. 

Instead of standing upright next to each other, the buffalo turf grasses leaves lie down flat. Covering more ground with a single leaf. 

The Sir Walter has a  leaf about 8mm in diameter. So a really wide leaf in comparison. This means that the Sir Walter can survive in shady areas, and only needs 3- 4 hours of direct sunlight per day to stay healthy. 

The Pacific Buffalo has a slightly thicker leaf again. About 8.5-9mm wide. This gives the Pacific Buffalo the ability to stay in the dark for longer. All it needs is a minus of 2.5-3 hours of direct sunlight per day. 


Again, aesthetically this is really important to us all. We all have our own favourites on which colour is the best for our home. The darker the grass, the more sunlight it needs. 

The Pacific buffalo is a lighter green colour. The Pacific Zoysia and the Sir Walter are a darker green colour, as they need relatively the same amount of direct sunlight per day. And the Aussie Blue is a lovely dark rich colour. 

How does it feel under bare feet?

Run your tootsies through the lawn

The way your lawn feels to you is really important to us. The way it feels under, not only our bare feet, but our kids feet is really important. The way it feels when you roll around on it. We want to have something we can let the whole family run around on, and enjoy. 

The Zoysia and the Aussie Blue have a more cushioning feel to the lawn. Allowing your foot to sinking in to the leaves of your lawn. It almost feels like a soft carpet you are placing your feet upon. 

The Buffaloes have leaves that are coarser and thicker and flatter. They lay flat to create a dense layer of leaf through your lawn. This makes the lawn bouncy and springy, rather than soft like a couch.  The leaves on the Sir Walter, being slightly thinner are probably a have a slightly more cushioning affect than the Pacific Buffalo. But there really isn’t much in it. Often the weather conditions make a difference as well. The cooler the area, the softer the leaves. The hotter and drier, then the harsher the leaves. 

Drought Tolerance and Drought Resistance and Recovery 

Although this sounds complicated, it really just means how will it cope within our environment. Our beautiful patch of the world here, from the Gold Coast, through the Tweed Costs, and down into the Ballina Byron regions, has extreme weather conditions. Sometimes we are in droughts that are so hot, we all swelter, and the ground cracks. And then we have flooding rains that are so intense we cannot remember what the sun looks like. Hopefully we receive something in between. And,  so far, it has never snowed. 

Drought tolerance is different to resistance. According to Sod Solutions “…Drought tolerance is the ability to survive a drought. In comparison to drought tolerance, drought resistance is the ability to look good during drought…” 

The Blue couches are know of amazing ability to be very drought tolerant as well as drought resistance. So if the weather is hot and dry, the couch will stay greener for longer than the other turf grasses. The Blue couch will talk t you, and let you know when its thirsty, by curling its leaves up. Sprinkle your lawn with a light watering to help it thrive. 

And if the Blue couch does start to slowly brown off, as soon as we get a good shower of rain, the Blue Couch will repair very quickly. Or if you give it a light watering a couple of times a week to help it stay lush and soft. 

In hot, dry, drought conditions, The Pacific Zoysia will curl its leaf up tight, to try and conserve water. It will start to loose colour, so it doesn’t heat up to  much and have water evaporate from its leaf. And when the rains come, or the lawn is irrigated, the leaf will flatten out again, and the plant will recover. It will be slowly. It has poor drought resistance, but great drought tolerance. 

In the Extremely wet conditions, the Zoysia will flatten its leaves and absorb what it can. But if the water puddles  in your lawn, and then heats up in the sun, the Zoysia becomes susceptible to fungus infection such as rust (a yellow or red dust which forms on the leaf) or fairy ring fungus infections. These funguses can kill the Zoysia. But they can be killed with an application of fungicide such as Rovral or Manzcozeb. The empire will recover, but slowly. It’s pretty tough. 

As for playability and regrowth, the Zoysia will handle almost anything you can play on it. Having a deep root system, means that the Zoysia is great at recovering. The Zoysia is more of a long distance runner, than a sprinter. So it’s leaf will grow slower than a Buffalo, but will come back with vigour. It will take less mowing though than the buffalos. So you can spend more time playing on your lawn, than mowing it.

And what about the buffaloes? 

Sir Walter is the thirstiest. It will need love and care of regular watering to stay nice and healthy. When it gets really dry, and we haven’t seen rain for ages, the Sir Walter will wither, and go brown. Once it goes brown all the way down the leaf, usually it does not recover. 

In the extremes of our rain events, the Sir Walter will grow quickly. Lapping up all the rain; growing like there is no tomorrow. Its ability to grow quickly it’s one of its best attributes. The Sir Walter can handle all the wear and tear, games and running, ball throwing and backyard sports you and your family can throw at it. It just likes to occasionally have a little drink.  It can get water logged sometimes, if the soil are not well draining, and this can cause a disease called black spot. This can be treated easily and quickly with aerating and a fungicide spray if necessary. 

The Pacific Buffalo grows slower and as the most drought tolerant buffalo available, it will hold its its colour for longer. And will feel softer under foot for longer as well in the extreme heat. But again, once the whole leaf goes brown, the plant is dead and cannot recover. Being able to survive in shadier areas, means it will stay greener and healthier for longer in the shade, sun or rain. 

The Pacific Buffalo needs a third of the watering of any other buffalo. So it prefers sandy soils as its base. It hates having water sit around its root system. And water pooling around the thatch means a black spot fungus infection as well. Again aerating the area to allow air and water to move easier around the roots will mean that the plant stays healthy. A quick spray with Mancozeb should eliminate any fungus spores. The Pacific Buffalo doesn’t have the same quick growing recovery as the Sir Walter. Because it needs less sunlight to grow, it grows slower and steadier. As a beautiful thick lush lawn, that requires a third of the watering, feeding and loving to stay that way, the palmetto also needs a third of the mowing.  In heavy shade, Pacific Buffalo is wonderful. 


Often choosing the right grass for your new lawn can also mean choosing the right grass for your area. A good start in life is important for your lawn. And your soils are the best way to start. A lot can change about your soils depending upon where you are; right up on the beach front, or if you are higher in the Mountains, or in a valley.

The Pacific Buffalo and the Aussie Blue love a free draining soil. Neither mind  being kissed by a little salt every now and again either. So they love being beach side. The Pacific Buffalo and Aussie Blue will  still thrive in land, but it needs a well drained soil.

The Sir Walter and the Zoysia love a heavy soil. The richer the better, as dark and moist and rich as a beautiful mud cake. The Zoysia and Sir Walter prefer to have wet feet and love to grow rapidly in these nutrient high soils. But if they are in sandy loams, their root systems just keep digging deeper and deeper. The Sir Walter doesn’t like the salty air sitting on its leaf though. It would prefer to be have clean fresh water. The Zoysia, although it can love happily on beach front conditions, would prefer a little richer environment. 

So which one is best for you?

Ultimately the decision is yours. But we are here to talk you through the pros and cons of all of our varieties. If you like a thick leaf buffalo lawn, we can help you choose which one will suit your home and lifestyle. And if you prefer a thinner softer lawn, we can point you in the right direction. 

Also check out the varieties page. See the Aussie Blue, Pacific Buffalo, The Sir Walter and Pacific Zoysia

Give us a call or drop us an email and we will help you get your best lawn!

What will a Coastal Turf Lawn mean to your family?

At Coastal Turf we understand that families need a beautiful lawn to move around on. As a family run and operated farm we understand the need for soft green spaces for all the family to use all year round. A green lawn is really important to everyone’s physical and mental health.

Your lawn is really an extension of your home. Your green grassed lawn is really the soft comforting spill proof carpet of your outdoor room. This fresh air extension of your home means you have a beautiful place for your kids and pets to move around stress free.

A Coastal Turf lawn is the perfect place for your outdoor entertainment. A green soft lush lawn is the perfect place to have BBQ’s and fresh air family time. And the green grass carpet is spill and stain proof, so if any one has a little accident, the lawn will quickly absorb any of the proof. No messy clean ups!

And every parents knows that after a great night socialising with friends, there is no better place for the kids to be than outside on the lawn, running, playing, and getting all their energy expelled OUTDOORS on your beautiful Coastal Turf lawn. A soft comforting lush lawn is great for little bare feet to run across. Perfect for swing sets and trampolines to rest ready waiting for busy kids.

As your kids grow older, then your families needs for your lawn change, your lawn will adapt with you. Maybe your green lawn doesn’t need to withstand the pitter patter of little feet moving backwards and forwards every day to the trampoline. But now it needs to withstand the rough and tumble of big kids games. Like backyard cricket, or training the next Matilda super star. Soccer goals can be set up, and goals scored on your green grass for hours of kids entertainment.

Not everyones family members have 2 legs. Some families have the 4 legged members. Dogs, Rabbits, cats and all the fur babies that people have, need a green grass area to roam, frolic and play every day. At Coastal Turf, our team have special Fur babies in our families. So we know the best types of turf to become your new lawn to suit your pets needs. Robust, yet comforting lawns with low maintenance needs are great for spending more time playing with your pets, rather than mowing your lawn.

At Coastal Turf, we can assist you in choosing the best variety of turf to become your new lawn. Soft couch lawns are great for full sun areas, and buffalo lawns perfect for shadier lawns. Zoysia lawns are perfect for high use lawns and we have budget friendly turf grasses to suit everyone. Check out our Turf Differences Table for a quick explanation, or ask one of our friendly staff.

Lawn Now, Pay later

Are you looking to install your beautiful new lawn now, but want to pay for it later? Coastal Turf has teamed up with After Pay to get your beautiful new lawn installed sooner, rather than later.

By installing your new lawn now, you will have it ready for all the Spring and Summer activities at your home, especially those on your lawn. Your home will look amazing with a beautiful green carpet surrounding it. Catching everyones eye.

But more importantly, your home will be prepared Spring and Summer activities. For backyard cricket (make sure you stay In your crease); picnics on the lawn; water ballon battles. Your new lawn will be the place to make new happy memories. The sun spreading warmth across your lawn will be the best place to hear the sounds of spring and summer. Laughing children, glasses clinking, birds chirping and the sounds of happy dogs wagging their tails in excitement. All by installing your turf now. Lawn Now, Pay later.

Winter is the perfect time to install your new lawn. The weather is cooler, so the turf and you the installer doesn’t stress or heat up as the new turf is turned in to a beautiful lawn.

And while you sit back near your warm fire and sip from your cup, basking in a job well done, your lawn is busily establishing new root systems quickly. But not growing its leaf too fast. Giving you more time to enjoying your lawn, rather than watering or mowing.

The simple process of Lawn now, Pay later can be easily completed through our website while you order your turf. And if you already have an after pay account, the process is even easier. Got questions about Afterpay? Have a look at their website for all the answers.

Can’t choose which lawn is best for you? Get in contact with one of out team and we can assist you with choosing the right new turf to become your new lawn. It may be a soft blue couch for close to the seaside, a robust Buffalo to handle all the fun and games you can throw on it, or a zen Zoysia allowing you to sit back and relax.

Winter Lawns

Winter can be one of the best times year here on the Tweed, Byron, Ballina and Gold Coasts. The days are warm, with the sun beaming down us. The evenings cool.

With these beautiful warm days are perfect times for the whole family to be able to get outdoors and relax. Our fur-babies love nothing more than lie down on the soft green grass in the sun during winter.

And our kids love getting out in the warm sun, running around with bare feet, kicking a ball or playing on the swing set in the sun. The days are perfect to sit back and relax in. Especially when your kids and dogs get to hang out on the lawn altogether.

The evenings are cooler. Making it the best time of year to sit around a fire. Especially a fire pit surrounded by a beautiful soft green lawn.

Every ones lawns are different. Different amounts of sunlight, as well as different ways that people enjoy their lawns. That’s why the team at Coastal Turf love nothing more than the chat turf! We ask you several questions to ensure we custom fit the best type of turf to become your new lawn.

We help you choose between a Beautiful buffalo or comfy couch lawn or a relaxing zoysia lawn to fit your lifestyle. Have a quick look at the different varieties and the growing conditions here.

Wintergreen is also the perfect time of the year on the Coast to install your new lawn. The weather is nicer now on your body to install. Dehydration is not really an issue for the installer nor the plant. During harvest and transport the plant stays cool and calm, so when you install your new lawn, it will slide into its new home with ease. This is not to say that you won’t be entitled to a good Beer Beverage at the end of your installation day. People still have to hydrate!

As does your lawn. But not so heavily in the cooler months. During the establishment period, you will not have to water as often or as long to get those roots down and established. And the cool mornings mean that the dew will also aide in your turfs establishment.

Get in contact with us and we can help you decide which turf is best as your new lawn, and give you all the best lawn installation and after care tips as well.

Biggest Morning Tea at Coastal Turf

Come and help us raise money for the Cancer Council at our Biggest morning tea here at the farm on the 24th May 2023. 

As many of you know Coastal Turf is a family farm run by John Commens, my father, and I . We have a small, but magnificent team around us to ensure we can produce and deliver the best turf grasses to our regions; Ranging from the top Gold Coast right down to the Ballina Coast. 

Being an intergenerational farm gives us the unique perspective of knowing what all different types of people, young and not so young, want in their lawn. It also allows me to work with my father John, every day. 

I was never so thankful of this as I was about 2 years ago when he was given a cancer diagnosis. After a routine colonoscopy, Dad was diagnosed with cancer in his large intestines, as well as in his liver. After two very intense and painful operations, Dad had part of his bowel removed, as well as part of his liver. When Dad was first diagnosed it was extremely stressful for everyone involved. Our family, but also for the team of wonderful people who we work with. 

My Dad went from being a strong farmer, working on machinery and harvesting and delivering turf, to bed ridden within a week. This was the beginning of a long journey forward.

I’m told that at most peoples work places when someones family member becomes ill, the people at work will rally around and support them, picking up slack where they can, allowing the person with Cancer their lives to focus on getting better. At Coastal Turf, we only have a small tight knit crew, whom we all have become very close to. So when cancer struck down Dad, all of our team where shocked and saddened. Everyone was affected. But like all good families, our team rallied together and supported Dad, and each other , all while ensuring that we continued to produce and and deliver beautiful turf grasses. 

Dad went through a year of chemotherapy. A long and harrowing experience. From my point of view was devastating. From his point of view, even worse. The way that it stole my father was one of the cruelest things I have seen. My Dad went from a strong, positive speaking man, who could still throwing pallets around the farm and into the harvester at 70, to a small broken framed man who was not able to walk to the bathroom unassisted. Cancer was horrid, but chemo was terrible. 

After a year of knowing the nurses names off by heart, and travelling backwards and forwards to the hospital, Dad was told he didn’t have to do any more chemo. And the smile slowly returned to my Father’s face.  

Our team at Coastal Turf ran with all our good days as well as bad. And to our team,  I cannot thank them enough. To all our clients that sympathised, supported and graced us patience when a delivery was a little late, thank you so much. We are so lucky that we had so many good people around us to support our journey. 

Over the last couple of months, the good Doctors discovered the cancer in Dads blood again. Which means that now the C word is staying in our family for the fore seeable future. And it has become a part of our every day lives. The nurses at the radiation unit will now know my Dads name really well, and I’m sure he will advise them on the best grass for their lawn. Radiation does not seem to attack Dad as much as chemo. So it is all looking a lot more positive.

Dad is slowly recovering. and things are getting into a new normal.

Because at Coastal Turf we know how hard and horrid cancer is, how much it can affect you physically and mentally, your team is holding a Biggest morning tea. We want to help raise money to support those who may not be so lucky to have a wonderful team around them, or amazing clients, or family so close you work and support each other every day. 

Come down to our farm and enjoy a tea or coffee on the turf. Nibble on a scone, brownie, little cakes and sandwiches while we play Tea’n’Turf games. All while fundraising a little money for the how also have the big C word in their every day lives. Watch our Facebook page for more details, or email Jayne in the office for updates.

Easter Lawns – As told by an EGGs-Pert

Lawns at Easter can be used for so many different things. From make shift camp grounds, with a fire pit in the middle, to the most important job of all for a lawn this Easter. And Easter Egg hunting ground. 

This year I wanted to find out from the eggs-perts herself on the best type of lawn for the Easter weekend. The Easter Bunny. 

How does a Turf Farmer get the in touch with the Easter Bunny?

Well, we tried social media DM, but couldn’t get a reply back. The Easter Bunny wasn’t even on Snap Chat!

But we do have a Bunny Rabbit called Snuggle who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who is neighbours with a lady, who owed him favour, who is married to the sister in lawn of the Easter Bunny. Long story short,  Snuggys the Rabbit got The Easter Bunny to give us a call. Needless to say her number came through as NO CALLER ID.

The head shot the Easter Bunny sent us!

I thanked the Long eared expert for her time, and asked what her opinion on was on Easter lawns. “Love them! Easter lawns are the best. Always so dark and lush, perfect for cushioning my feet as I jump along. Not to mention they are perfect places to hide the Easter Eggs.”

The Easter Bunny spoke quickly but with a calm quiet voice. So gentle that it was almost as smooth as chocolate. 

“I will absolutely say, that a healthy lush lawn is always so much nicer to bounce across. You get a lovely spring in your step, if you know what I mean. Its so great when people apply a little fertiliser to their lawns over the Easter period.” 

“The best lawns have a little length to them. The lawn leaf needs to be about 25-30mm in length. This allows me to hide the eggs in the lawn, and only have a smidge of the bright wrappers exposed. It makes the hunt so much more exciting.”

When quizzed on if she had a preference on which type of turf made the best lawn for Easter hunting, the Easter Bunny simply replied “I love a buffalo lawn, I love a Zoysia lawn, I love a couch lawn. All of the Coastal Turf lawns, especially those that are newly installed, are soft, comforting and perfect for a Hop, Skip, jump and a hunt across.” 

Not wanting to take up too much of the Easter Bunnies time at this busy time of year, I thanked her for her time, and wished her well for the 2023 Easter run. Her cool charming voice that she would hop by our place soon. 

To make sure your Easter lawn is ready for the Easter bunny to bounce across, and for everyone to have a wonderful Easter egg hunt, give us a call at Coastal Turf where we can recommend the right mowing heights, fertilisers to apply and if you need a new lawn for Easter, we can recommend the best type of turf for your new lawn. 

Looking after your lawn investment!

At Coastal Turf, we love to chat lawns, and helping you to get a beautiful new lawn with beautiful Coastal Turf grasses is just the first step. Choosing installing and establishing a new lawn is a great investment. An investment into your home, and also into your happiness. Looking out and then stepping onto your beautiful soft quality new lawn is a wonderful experience you will get to enjoy every day. 

After you have invested time and energy into creating such a beautiful space at your home, let us help you protect your investment. 

Lawns are our life at Coastal Turf. We love to have a soft beautiful grass under our feet. As a Coastal Turf lawn owner,  we want you to enjoy that feeling all year round. Our team knows all about how to feed and nurture lawns as well as  all about the bugs or beast that will try to eat your lawn. 


After years of trying and researching different  products, at the farm as well as at our teams homes with our families and pets, our team has found the Acelepryn GR to be the safest and most efficient way to protect our and your lawns from army worm and lawn grub attacks.

The Acelepryn GR are little pellets that when spread across your lawn with a fertiliser spreader,  fall down into the lower levels of the lawn where the nasty little critters hide. The pellets then provide you with season long protection for 3-6 months. 3 months  during the spring and summer months when the evil bitters  are at their worst and in plague proportions. 6 months over the cooler months when the grubs are not so active. 

Depending upon the size of your lawn, we have the Acelepryn available for you in the 1kg tubs for smaller lawns, 4kg tubs for medium lawns, or 10kg bags, for people with larger lawns, or who want to store and protect their lawn for a year.

The life cycle of a lawn grub.


When you installed your lawn, like all good lawn parents, you would have prepared the area with a good quality soil, and sprinkled across the soil before laying your lawn, the under turf starter or underlay to give your new lawn food and nutrients and access to water as it establishes. By applying the fertiliser and water crystal combination under the turf slab, you provided the roots access to food and nutrients as they greedily ate and established in the new soil. 

Once you lawn is established, the plant has absorbed and utilised the beautiful food of the fertiliser under the turf slab.  It is now time to feed your lawn regularly. Applying a fertiliser at least every 3 months will give you lawn nutrients it will be looking for to stay thick, lush and stay bright green all year round. 

The All Rounder or Turfmaxx are great Couch and Buffalo fertilisers. As pelletised fertilisers, over 6- 12 weeks the pellets slowly release nutrition to promote steady growth in your lawn. Couch’s and buffalo’s are hard wearing lawns. This means that they repair  and grow quickly to stay thick and lush. By regular fertilising with the All Rounder or the Turfmaxx, your lawn will be able to handle swings, soccer slides, football tackles, and your Dogs Zoomies. 

For Pacific Zoysia™ lawns, the Zoystar is specially formulated to provide the specific nutrients that the Pacific Zoysia™ needs to thrive. The complex formula will provide food for your Zoysia lawn for up to 3 months, slowly realising food into your lawns ecosystem to  promote steady growth of your lawn. Making it such an enjoyable experience to walk across your lawn in bare feet. 

Pacific Zoysia™ is just a beautiful lush lawn. Keep it looking that way with the ZOYSTAR .

For quick pick me ups for your lawn, a liquid fertiliser is a better way to introduce food into your lawn. Being a liquid, the nutrients are able to be quickly absorbed into the root system and then utilised by  the plant for exceptional growth. 

The Enhance liquid plant nutrition is a great way to get beautiful colour back into your lawn within 24 hours. Often used in the media to give TV and movie set lawns  that bright green flush. Enhance will help your lawn take on that dark green colour and promote fast growth. 

Seavival liquid soil health is full of bio stimulants to promote long term health of your lawn. The roots of your lawn love to be feed directly, and the Seavival helps the roots to growth big and strong over Autumn and Spring. In Winter and Summer, the Seavival help calm the plant down and destress so the extremes in temperatures  do not worry your lawn. 


After you have established your new Coastal Turf lawn, the pampering watering of your lawn can be eased back. By providing your lawn with short waterings morning and afternoon during the establishment period, meant that the lawn was never able to stress and dry out. 

To ensure that your plant stays calm and happy, growing thick, lush and green, regular waterings can occur on a much less intense basis. 

Give your lawn the foot front test. 

Walk across your lawn and then turn around to see where you have walked. 

If you can see your foot print marks in your lawn, then the leaves are thirsty. The more water the plant  hold in its leaves, the faster it will spring back up. The less water, the more likely the plant will lie down flat. 

Regular waterings at dawn or dusk will mean that your lawn is less likely to loose water through the day, and will stay healthy and happy. 

If we do come into a dryer season, where the rain does not grace us with her presence, applying a Hydramaxx or an Aqua turf wetting agent will allow the water to collect near the root systems and not drain way. This is  perfect for the sandy coastal regions which usually allow fast water drain away, leaving lawns thirsty. 


Regular mowing is a great way to feed and protect your lawn. But keeping your lawn in a neat short length, this usually encourages the leaves to grow tighter together, leaving less room for the evil weeds to invade. 

Three  rules of thumb to live by

  1. Never take off more than a third of the leaf at a time. 

Your lawn is loving life through its green soft lush leaves. It’s where the plant holds water and turns sun into food. If you take off too much of the leaf at a time, the plant looses its ability to eat and drink easily. By taking a little at a time, you leave your lawn the ability to eat, drink and be merry lush and green . 

  1. Never mow shorter than your second knuckle.

Just before you mow put your index finger down into the thatch of your lawn. Push down until you can feel the soil with the tip of your finger in the soil. Your middle knuckle is the lowest point you should every lower your lawn mowing height to. 

  1. Mulch twice collect once. 

When mowing your lawn, mulch the clippings back into your lawn for 2 mows. And then on the third time, collect the clippings and dispose of them. By mulching twice, you allow leave to break down in the soil, feeding the good bugs and also stopping some of the evaporation in your lawn. 

Collecting on the third time means you take away any of the leaves that are not breaking down and give you lawn space to breathe. 

Walk across your lawn with Bare feet and enjoy

Any questions about the love and care of your lawn dont hesitate to get in contact with the Coastal Turf crew. Assisting you to get a beautiful new lawn with beautiful Coastal Turf grasses is just the first step. We love to chat lawns, and helping you have that fresh cut great feeling all year round is the next step we would love to take with you.

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