Turf Varieties

Harvesting all turf varieties. We sell direct from our farm daily local AM/PM farm pick up available. Small orders welcome.

Please allow three days notice for deliveries.

We cut our turf fresh to order.

Deliveries available 6 days per week, Monday through to Saturday. Our delivery trucks service Northern Gold Coast, Gold Coast & Northern NSW. The Tweed Shire & Byron Bay region. Our delivery tucks come with a bobcat loaded to make delivery easy.

Pacific Buffalo (TM) Soft Leaf Buffalo (Stenotaprum secundatum spp)

Harvesting to perfection ready to become your new lawn today.

  • An improved variety of buffalo grass that originated from Florida U.S.A.
  • Excellent shade tolerance (requiring only 2hrs of sunlight per day)
  • Excellent weed resistance year round (as a thick mat like turf is created)
  • Less mowing required than other Soft Leaf Buffalo’s, due to Pacific Buffalo (TM) coming from a tropical environment (Florida) to another here on the Gold / Tweed Coast & Byron Bay regions.

Summary – Pacific Buffalo (TM) is the ideal turf for those who desire a low maintenance high quality thick leafed lawn all year round and for grassed areas around apartment complexes and family lawns. Pacific Buffalo makes a great outside carpet for families to enjoy.

Sir Walter Buffalo (Stenotaprum secundatum spp)

Available now to be your new lawn.

  • The Australian bred Buffalo grass, great for our weather conditions
  • Can handle up to 70% shaded lawns
  • Requires 3 hours direct sunlight per day
  • A Fast repairing lawn, great for kids and high wear and tear areas
  • Australia’s most well known turf grass
  • Excellent green winter colour, even in frosty conditions
  • Excellent weed resistance

Summary – Sir Walter buffalo is a wonderful family lawn. The thick lush grass that can handle the wear and tear of little feet and paws. The Sir Walter buffalo is perfect for shadier backyards with active families with its fast repairing growth.

Pacific Zoysia (TM) Japonica (Zoysia japonica spp)

Available now to become your new lawn

  • Pacific Zoysia (TM) has an excellent dark emerald green Colour
  • The leaf size which is half way between a couch and a buffalo, which gives Pacific Zoysia (TM) the soft under foot feel of a couch lawn, but with the hard wearing qualities of a buffalo lawn
  • Pacific Zoysia (TM) “sleeps” over winter, requiring little to no maintenance during these months
  • Pacific Zoysia (TM)requires a minimum of 5 hours of sunlight a day
  • Pacific Zoysia (TM) tells you when it needs watering by curling its leaf. Zoysia is a thick dense lush lawn, meaning that it is less likely to allow weeds invasion

Summary – Zoysia is an ideal option for those that do not desire the course textured buffalo grasses but still require a grass that is capable of growing in shady conditions and can tolerate a moderate amount of wear. Zoysia lawns are very low maintenance but have a fantastic colour all year round!

Pacific Aussie Blue Couch (Digitaria Didactyla)

Available now to become your new lawn.

  • Pacific Aussie Blue Couch is beautiful soft and hardy family lawn
  • Needing 5-6 hours of direct sunlight per day
  • Fine leaf blade
  • Fast repairing
  • Drought tolerant
  • Super soft under foot

Summary – The Pacific Aussie blue, as the name suggests, is a true blue Aussie native. An Aussie lawn requires less love and care to stay thick lush and green all year round. Ideal turf for the sunny areas around your house such as the front yard and entertaining areas, as a beautiful dark green lawn is achieved year round with a minimal amount of lawn maintenance. Its softness and dark colour presents beautifully. A great lawn to sit on, lay on, and play with the kids.

Wintergreen Couch (Cynodon Dactylon)

Harvested to perfection, ready to become your new lawn.

  • Thrives in full sun conditions (requiring approximately 7-8hrs of direct sunlight a day)
  • Budget friendly for large areas
  • Excellent traffic tolerance (kids playing, dogs running & cars parking)
  • Ranges from a light green to a dark green colour
  • Good tolerance of cold and frosty conditions, making it ideal for the hinterland areas of the Tweed and Gold Coasts.
  • Readily adapts to different environments (hot and dry conditions, too cold and moist conditions)

SummaryWintergreen couch is the ideal turf for all areas that receive a great amount of wear and tear from traffic, such as backyards, caravan parks, sports ovals, council footpaths, car parking lots and walkways. Used regularly for large commercial areas.

Coastal Mix (Couch mix blend) Australian Native

Harvesting now to become your new lawn!

  • An Australian Native Mix
  • Budget friendly
  • Excellent traffic tolerance, extremely good for children and animals
  • Requires approx. 6 hours of sunlight a day
  • Dark green colour

Summary – Coastal Mix is the perfect family grass.

Combined with the softness and dark colour, Coastal Mix has the best of both worlds with a combination of couch grasses & carpet grass. A mix of Wintergreen couch & Aussie Blue couch, and carpet grass. A Coastal Mix lawn will take all the fun your family can throw at it. It is tough yet soft and fluffy. Couch grass creates the perfect family back yard lawn grass – Coastal Turf’s Coastal Mix.


  • Turf is a living organism that requires nutrients, moisture and sunlight to grow.
  1. Coastal Turf does not offer any money back guarantees, choose your turf carefully and maintain the product accordingly. Coastal Turf can only offer our best advice on suitable turf varieties from the customers description of the area. Ongoing advice and consultation can be arranged accordingly if required.
  2. Coastal Turf’s obligations end once the product is delivered onto the customer’s site.
  3. Coastal Turf does not take any responsibility for the on going care, appearance, watering, nor quality of the turf.
  4. Coastal Turf does not take any responsibility for any damage done to the property on site for a delivery or installation that may be caused unless that damage was properly and specifically cautioned by the owner or the site foreman to the individual Coastal Turf employee.
  5. Coastal Turf will provide upon request to the customer with the required information to establish and maintain a quality lawn: this information is made available to Coastal Turf’s customers as a recommendation only.
  6. Coastal turf products are delivered and installed according to Coastal Turf’s standards and codes of practices.
  7. Coastal Turf is a member of the QTPA, TPA and Turf NSW, we adhere to the relevant industry guidelines and codes of practices.
  8. Risk in any turf supplied By Coastal Turf to a customer shall pass when the turf is delivered to the customer or into custody on the customers’ behalf but ownership in such turf is retained by Coastal Turf until payment is made for the turf and all other turf supplied by Coastal Turf to the Customer.
  9. Coastal Turf offers a range of payment options including direct deposit, Eftpos facilities, and cash. Coastal Turf does NOT offer account services.  All invoices must be paid in full the day prior to receiving turf.  All invoices paid via our credit card facilities will show “Mt Victoria Enterprises Pty Ltd” as the payee.