Our Aussie Blue Couch and Empire Zoysia lawn

I have two favourite types of lawns. They are both soft under foot and easy to take care of. I love to take off my shoes after a long day at work, and walk bare foot across my lawn. The soft comforting leaves of my Aussie Blue Couch and Empire Zoysia lawn are just perfect to take away all the stress of the day.

In some areas of my yard, there is all day sun. In this area we have the beautiful Aussie Blue Couch there. The Aussie loves to be in the sun all day. And as a True Blue Ozzie, it is drought tolerant, and is tough but comforting. When we walk, run play and fall over on the blue couch, we are always meet with the tenderness of the Aussie Blue.

Our 15 year old daughter has started AFL this year. Our Aussie Blue couch is a little bit away from our home, so it is the perfect place to kick the footy, run around with no shoes on, and have a beautiful soft place to learn how to tackle. It is quote daunting as a mother when catch a ball only to have my kids run at me to try and push me over. At the east the Aussie is soft to fall on. And never ever leaves me itchy.

The Aussie Blue also photos beautifully. Its dark colour really highlights homes and people. So it is a great place to make the kids all come together for a Family photo.

This is what happens when I ask 3 teenagers, a dog and a my Husband to sit on the grass for a photo. It always ends in stacks on!

Or attempt to get your family together for a family photo. Poor Marcus, who is at the bottom of this pile, tells me that it is very soft to be squished on. And don’t you just love my 19 year old half eyes closed face! Ahh the beauty of a family photo.

Because I love the dark rich colour and the softness of the Blue couch, on the shadier side of our home I really wanted something to match the Aussie. I know that the 4 hours of direct sunlight per day we get on that side was not enough to sustain a beautiful Aussie blue lawn. But is was perfect to have the Empire Zoysia.

The colour is very similar, and the leaf is nearly as soft as the Aussie blue. But the Empire Zoysia has the amazing ability to grow in much shadier areas, and still retain its softness under foot.

Our Empire Zoysia is near the stairs into our yard. So it copes a fair amount of wear and tear from kids, and especially our dogs coming in and out. I am so impressed how the Empire holds up to the wear and tear of our busy family, with little love and care from us. After caring for other peoples lawns, we don’t want to do it when we come home. We just want to sit back and relax on the lawn.

Often our kids will “forget” to mow the lawn a couple of weeks in a row. Shocking I know! Teenagers not wanting to mow the lawn. The Empire in Winter only needs mowing every month. And Summer every 10-15 days. Which tends to fit my teenagers regime of when they “can” mow our lawn.

Empire Zoysia often has a reputation of getting a red tinge on the tips of the leaf in winter. But we have never had this happen in the past 10 years we have lived here. And neither have friends that I have recommended the Empire Zoysia to as well.

Neil’s lawn is still one of my favourites. The lush dark colour and softness underfoot just heavenly. He has a beautiful bouncy dog as well, and although she gives it a work out every day, it is still is soft, and lush.

For a soft lush dark coloured lawn, in shadier areas, the Empire Zoysia is the best. The Empire Zoysia has the unique ability to preform in the shade like buffalo, but have the softness and dark lush visual appeal of a couch lawn. It really is the best of both worlds.

The Empire can take a hammering from kids, dogs, and adults alike, and still look as good as the day you installed it. Empire not only requires a third of the mowing of any other turf varieties, also a third of the fertilising as well. Which is a win win again. So although it is not as soft as the blue, it really is a lot easier to keep looking amazing all year round.

Check out My Home Turf’s review of Empire Zoysia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc8EXKeaWmA

I think they love it as much as we do!

And don’t forget you can have a touch and feel of all the turf grasses at our office. Get in contact with us to make an appointment.

Our sample plots at our office available to touch and feel the different grass types

Budget Buffalo Lawns

Are you in a budget? Do you have a shady area to become your new lawn? Do you love the thick look of a Sir Walter or Palmetto buffalo lawn?

I think we may have just the grass for you ! At the moment we have a beautiful Buffalo turf available. One of our paddocks was under water during the last flood and has had some of the couch invade. So we will not sell this paddock out as an A grade product. But as a B grade.

This B grade buffalo turf is 95% beautiful Buffalo. But it may contain some couch in some of the slabs. In the shade the buffalo will thrive and take over. Killing off the couch in the process.

The slabs are thick and easy to handle, and the grass is green and lush. But for a fraction if the cost.

This is only available fo ra limited time. So get in touch quick and secure your beautiful buffalo lawn today or order yours online for delivery or pick up at our farm at 279 Round Mountain Road, Round Mountain NSW.

Mums. They are just so important.

There is something that is just so special about Mums. I might be slightly biased, as I am a mum, I had a wonderful mum, and now I have a an amazing step-mum, but I really do believe that Mums are amazing people. Mums are people who love you unconditionally and hold you tight when you need it. And let you go when you are strong. Help you get up when you fall. Tell you when you are right, and when you are not so right, but back you the whole way. Mums are just so important.

When I was younger, and especially as a teenage daughter, I know I never appreciated my mum enough. As a mother of 3 teenagers now, I thank her every day in a silent prayer for all that she did for me. I don’ t think you really appreciate all that your Mum does for you, until you have your own children. Quite often I find myself thanking my mum for not killing me as a teenager , so I could experience the joys and wonders of having my own teenagers. And then also questioning how and why she didn’t. I’m sure she is heaven right now laughing very hard.

I do often find myself saying something know I have heard my mother say that to me. Like if the dishwasher is open and has dirty dishes in it, do NOT put your dirty dishes in the sink, put them in the dishwasher. Or hang up your wet towel. It will not dry on the floor. Or that I am not physic, and cannot read your mind, so you better tell me.

I know have 2 teenage sons, and 1 teenage daughter. So yes, I am slightly insane. I have found that teenage sons do not open their mouths to speak anymore. It is mumble and grunts. Combined with looks of pure confusion when I ask them to repeat what they said so I can understand them. My boys are still very affectionate and will ask for hugs and reassurance. My Teenage daughter though does not believe hugs are necessary, and doesn’t even know how I graduated high school with all that I don’t know. And then in the same conversation will say how amazing she thinks I am and how much she loves us all. It can be a very confusing half hour before school in the morning. In our home eye rolls are common place, and text messages with request for food is the norm.

So far I think I am doing pretty well as a mum. On par mostly with how great my mum was. In saying that, I am sadly lacking in my mums ability to be able to keep enough food into our house though. I always thought it was strange that my mum was at the shops buying food all the time. Now I know why.

Me and my crazy family! My wonderful husband Tony the Turfman, Daughter Hollie, Eldest son Riley and Youngest Son Marcus.

As a teenage daughter I ate selectively, and probably really annoyingly. Sorry Mum. As a Mum of 3 teenagers I am failing on the food front. I never seem to have enough food for “snacks”, (which funnily enough appear to be whole meals. I didn’t realise that a full burger was a snack. My fault), or have the RIGHT food available for them. Like having Marvellous creations milk chocolate instead of dairy Milk chocolate. (Mum tip though. Always have chocolate in the house. If not for them, at least for you.)

If I am as good as mum to my kids as my mum was to me, then I will be very happy. My Mum supported me through all my tantrums, fears, scares. Like my huge mental breakdown during my HSC exams. She held and feed me and made sure I had enough sleep and smiles to get through my exams and come out the other side a better person. My Mum also supported and shared with me some of my greatest triumphs, like when I got my P license, buying my first car, and then as I got older starting my career and own family. And now I get to share some of those moment with my kids.

My mother passed away a long time ago now. And my father remarried a wonderful lady, who is now my Step-Mum. But like the Bradey Bunch, “the only steps on our house are the ones that lead upstairs.” Which means I know have another chance at having a wonderful mum in our lives. (And an amazing sister and new brother too).

And also another chance to go to a wonderful wise woman and ask for tips and advice on life. Because that is what’s Mums are for! Being the voice if reason to tell you the real truths. No matter what they are. Some good, some bad.

I go to my new Mum for reassurance that I am not insane. I think as a mum, you have lots of self doubt moments. My new Mum is great at supporting me when it comes to dealing with teenagers, and husbands and Fathers, and all the fun and games they come with. Which is so valuable. I know that sometimes I just need to go to my New Mum and ask if this too will pass? And she reassures me that I am doing my best, and really so are they. And that it will work out well into the future. And Hugs are so important.

In my life, Mums are so amazing and wonderful. I feel so blessed and humbled to have started with my mum loving and looking after me, to me loving and cherishing (and so far not killing them) my own children, to the gift of another mum in my life.

I am sure that your Mum, new or original, is important in your life as well. Or maybe you need to also look at how amazing you are as someone’s Mum. And all the wonderful things that you do to ensure that your kids have smiles and hugs.

This Mothers Day, because we can hug our Mums again, why not do it on a beautiful new lawn you have installed for her? Or have your kids help you install a new lawn, so they can play outside and you can sit back and relax and watch the smiles you put own their faces.

Never under estimate the importance of having a Mum, or being someones Mum.

An Empire Zoysia Lawn or A Buffalo Lawn?

There are so many different types of turf grasses out there. And often it is hard to know which one will be the best for your home. Today I want to chat with you about the difference between 3 different grasses. The Empire Zoysia, The Palmetto buffalo and the Sir Walter Buffalo.

All your friends and neighbours will have their favourite. And they will tell you which one they think is best. But like all things in life, we are all different with different wants and needs. Thats why there are different varieties of turf. So how do you choose? Let us help you make the right decision.

I have broken it down in to 5 main factors you need to consider.

Blade Width

This is quite often the most important of the differences. Not is it just aesthetically that the grasses look different, but the difference in the look of the blade of the grass means they will grow in different conditions. The leaf width will determine if the plant will need more or less sunlight to thrive.

A thinner leaf grass will need more direct sunlight per day to photosynthesise. The thinner the leaf the longer it has to be in the sun to convert food and sunlight into energy. The thicker the leaf the less time it needs. That is why your thin leaf grasses, like couches, need all day sun to thrive.

The Empire Zoysia, has a medium blade leaf, about 1.5mm wide. These leaves stand upright next to each other creating a thick mat. But being a thinner leaf, the Empire needs 4-5 hours of direct sunlight per day to stay healthy and dense and lush.

Instead of standing upright next to each other, the buffalo turf grasses leaves lie down flat. Covering more ground with a single leaf.

The Sir Walter has a leaf about 8mm in diameter. So a really wide leaf in comparison. This means that the Sir Walter can survive in shady areas, and only needs 3- 4 hours of direct sunlight per day to stay healthy.

The Palmetto has a slightly thicker leaf again. About 8.5-9mm wide. This gives the Palmetto the ability to stay in the dark for longer. To have a beautiful lush Palmetto lawn, you need at least 2.5-3 hours of direct sunlight per day.


Again, aesthetically this is really important to us all. We all have our own favourites on which colour is the best for our home. The darker the grass, the more sunlight it needs.

The Palmetto buffalo is a lighter green colour. The Empire Zoysia and the Sir Walter are a darker green colour, as they need relatively the same amount of direct sunlight per day.

How does it feel on bare feet?

The way your lawn feels to you is really important to us. The way it feels under, not only our bare feet, but our kids feet is really important. The way it feels when you roll around on it. We want to have something we can let the whole family run around on, and enjoy.

The Empire has a more cushioning feel to it. Allowing your foot to sinking in to the leaves of your lawn. It almost feels like a soft carpet you are placing your feet upon.

The Buffaloes have leaves that are coarser and thicker and flatter. They lay flat to create a dense layer of leaf as your lawn, but as the leaves are thicker, there is less of them per square centimetre, and more stolen ( the thicker stalky bit that the leaf grows off) so the lawn does not have the same softness to it. The leaves on the Sir Walter, being slightly thinner are probably a little softer than the Palmetto. But there really isn’t much in it. Often the weather conditions make a difference as well. The cooler the area, the softer the leaves. The hotter and drier, then the harsher the leaves.

Drought Tolerance and Drought Resistance and Recovery

Although this sounds complicated, it really just means how will it cope within our environment. Our beautiful patch of the world here, from the Gold Coast, through the Tweed Costs, and down into the Ballina Byron regions, has extreme weather conditions. Sometimes we are in droughts that are so hot, we all swelter, and the ground cracks. And then we have flooding rains that are so intense we cannot remember what the sun looks like. And then, something in between. But, so far it never snows.

Drought tolerance is different to resistance. According to Sod Solutions “…Drought tolerance is the ability to survive a drought. In comparison to drought tolerance, drought resistance is the ability to look good during drought…”

In hot, dry, drought conditions, The Empire Zoysia will curl its leaf up tight, to try and conserve water. It will start to loose colour, so it doesn’t heat up to much and have water evaporate from its leaf. And when the rains come, or the lawn is irrigated, the leaf will flatten out again, and the plant will recover. Although it will be slowly. It has poor drought resistance, but great drought tolerance.

In the Extremely wet conditions, the Empire will flatten its leaves and absorb what it can. But if the water puddles in your lawn, and then heats up in the sun, the Empire becomes susceptible to fungus infection such as rust (a yellow or red dust which forms on the leaf) or fairy ring fungus infections. These funguses can kill the Empire. But they can be killed with an application of fungicide such as Rovral or Manzcozeb. The empire will recover, but slowly. It’s pretty tough.

As for playability and regrowth, the Empire will handle almost anything you can play on it. Having a deep root system, means that the Empire is great at recovering. The Empire is more of a long distance runner, than a sprinter. So it’s leaf will grow slower than a Buffalo, but will come back with vigour. It will take less mowing though than the buffaloes. So you can spend more time playing on your lawn, than mowing it.

And what about the buffaloes?

Sir Walter is the thirstiest. It will need love and care of regular watering to stay nice and healthy. When it gets really dry, and we haven’t seen rain for ages, the Sir Walter will wither, and go brown. Once it goes brown all the way down the leaf, usually it does not recover.

In the extremes of our rain events, the Sir Walter will grow quickly. Lapping up all the rain; growing like there is no tomorrow. Its ability to grow quickly it’s one of its best attributes. The Sir Walter can handle all the wear and tear, games and running, ball throwing and backyard sports you and your family can throw at it. It just likes to occasionally have a little drink. It can get water logged sometimes, if the soil are not well draining, and this can cause a disease called black spot. This can be treated easily and quickly with aerating and a fungicide spray if necessary.

The Palmetto Buffalo grows slower and as the most drought tolerant buffalo available, it will hold its its colour for longer. And will feel softer under foot for longer as well in the extreme heat. But again, once the whole leaf goes brown, the plant is dead and cannot recover. Being able to survive in shadier areas, means it will stay greener and healthier for longer in the shade, sun or rain.

The Palmetto needs a third of the watering of any other buffalo. So it prefers sandy soils as its base. It hates having water sit around its root system. And water pooling around the thatch means a black spot fungus infection as well. Again aerating the area to allow air and water to move easier around the roots will mean that the plant stays healthy. A quick spray with Mancozeb should eliminate any fungus spores. The Palmetto doesn’t have the same quick growing recovery as the Sir Walter. Because it needs less sunlight to grow, it grows slower and steadier. As a beautiful thick lush lawn, that requires a third of the watering, feeding and loving to stay that way, the palmetto also needs a third of the mowing. In heavy shade, Palmetto wonderful.


Often choosing the right grass for your new lawn can also mean choosing the right grass for your area. A good start in life is important for your lawn. And your soils are the best way to start. A lot can change about your soils depending upon where you are; right up on the beach front, or if you are higher in the Mountains, or in a valley. Mostly there are sandy salty soils around the beach fronts. This sandy loam goes back for kilometres in our towns.

The Palmetto loves a free draining soil. And it does not mind being kissed by a little salt every now and again either. So it loves being beach side. The Palmetto still thrives in land, but it needs a well drained soil. This will ease those fungus infections.

The Sir Walter and the Empire love a heavy soil. The richer the better, as dark and moist and rich as a beautiful mud cake. The Empire and Sir Walter prefer to have wet feet and love to grow rapidly in these nutrient high soils. But if they are in sandy loams, their root systems just keep digging deeper and deeper. The Sir Walter doesn’t like the salty air sitting on its leaf though. It would prefer to be have clean fresh water. The Empire, although it can love happily on beach front conditions, would prefer a little richer environment.

So which one?

Ultimately the decision is yours. But we are here to talk you through the pros and cons of all of our varieties. If you like a thick leaf buffalo lawn, we can help you choose which one will suit your home and lifestyle. And if you prefer a thinner softer lawn, we can point you in the right direction.

Also check out the varieties page. See the Palmetto, The Sir Walter and Empire Zoysia.

Give us a call or drop us an email and we will help you get your best lawn!

What does your lawn mean to you?

Whats your lawn used for? Is it an extension of your home? A place where your family can play and relax? Or is it the frame around your home?

I know our lawn at home is so much more than just a bit of grass out the front.

Our lawn is the place where our kids learnt to run and fall safely. It is the place our kids are now learning to play AFL – catching that ball is not as easy as it looks. It is the place I send them when I am sick of my teenagers snipping or staring at their phones.

The soft grass grass around our home is the place where our dog “fertilises” our lawn with his little deposits. Also the place where he runs like a crazy pup with the kids in circles and chases his ball or latest favourite toy.

Our framing dark green lawn is also the first thing I see when I come home from a long day. Our lawn is the sign to me that the day is over and I can relax.

But I know lawns can mean different things to different people.

Like an extension of their home where their kids can go out to play, so they can have a rest inside for a short while.

Or the place to take themselves out to have a rest from the people inside.

To others their lawn symbolises their home. It is the start of something special.

And to some people it is their pride and joy.

At Coastal Turf, we know people, families and lawns come on so many different shapes and sizes. Thats why we grow 6 different varieties of turf to become your new lawn.

No matter what your lawn means to you, Coastal Turf can fit the right turf to you to become your new lawn.

Long weekend Lawns

Are you talking an extra long weekend this 23rd to 26th January this year?

Australians just love a long weekend. Don’t we! And especially one in January, so we can recover and recoup after our Christmas and New Years shenanigans.

On your Long weekend are you looking forward to a traditional game of back yard cricket? Or a bit of lawn bowls or boccie ? Possibly a refreshing beverage on the lawns with friends and family?

Maybe you are you planning on creating a beautiful outdoor space so you can enjoy your lawn all year round?

Well, you are definitely going to need a beautiful soft, green lush lawn from Coastal Turf.

You could start your weekend soft and subtle and pick up your beautiful new Blue Couch, Wintergreen or Coastal Mix turf this Saturday.

Or you could round up the long weekend with a delivery of any of our turf varieties on Monday. Or maybe as a traditional DIY person, you could come down to our farm at Cabarita Beach and pick up your turf Monday after lunch or Tuesday morning.

Why not make sure this Long weekend sets you up for the rest of the year with beautiful home.

You take the long weekend to perfect your home, and we will make sure you have the turf to complete it.

Christmas Lawns

Merry Christmas everyone! This year I am proud to say that the Coastal Turf team were able to make two little girls Christmas that little bit more special!

This year has had its ups and downs. 2020 has brought its fair share of challenges.

So when I had two families call looking for a new lawn because it was on their daughters Christmas wish lists. How could we not help!

Firstly there was a lovely family with a happy daughter in Tweed who had the pleasure to have her birthday fall on Christmas day. What a beautiful Christmas present to her parents she must be. But her only wish was to have a grass for her Birthday and Christmas. She just wanted to go outside without shoes on.

Her mum called and was worried that with some of the shortages of turf varieties we would no the able to help. But how could we not!

So the team on the farm, feed, manicured and mowed the Sir Walter buffalo to perfection in time for us to take 180sqm of Premium Sir Walter buffalo turf to her Mum and Uncle to install 2 weeks before Christmas.

I called Mum to give her the good news we could lock in a delivery date, and Mum was driving in the car with her daughter. Its so beautiful to hear giggles and squeals of excitement through the phone.

On the last day of school, the little girl went to school with a dirt and rocky backyard. And came home to lushes green grass. And of course she ran around with bare feet on the lawn!

Another family in Murwillumbah had a lawn on their Christmas Wish list. When Dad called on the Monday before Christmas, he really thought it was too late to fulfil his daughters Christmas wish.

But, at Coastal Turf we are all parents. And a sucker for a kid Christmas story. So our Paul went over Christmas Eve moring and dropped off a beautiful new Coastal Mix lawn.

Her smile says it all!

As a family farm we know how important it is to make your kids smile. And how great a lawn is for kids to play on and enjoy. Especially a soft green lush lawn that the kids can run around on with bare feet.

Sometimes even before its laid!

The team at Coastal Turf will be closing down Christmas Eve at lunchtime to prepare the paddocks, incase Santa and his reindeer need a soft place to rest for the night.

And then we will reopen on the 4th January for all your turf and lawn needs.

Merry Christmas everyone. And green grass blessings to you all!

Smile, the sun is out!

Today is the first day I have really smiled in for so long.

The sun is finally out and shinning, and there just seems to be a much more positive feel to life today. As much as the rain is life giving and revitalises all the turf paddocks; for me it’s the sun.

Its the beautiful bright happy yellow sun, that sparkles down onto us and warms everything through. The sun, to me at least, just makes everything feel and look brighter.

The rain was amazing. And it has made all the turf paddocks look and feel so much greener and softer. The ground is now holding more water and replenishing the roots as they grow. Making the leaves stand up and wave at the sun. I think the turf is as happy as I am to see the sun!

In this very short time coming up to Christmas, everything can feel a little rushed and hectic! And I guess the rain does make us all slow down. Even stop. Giving us time to think about everything and more importantly, everyone that is important to us.

The rain has really put a dampening on our ability to deliver grass at the beginning of December. But on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th December we are expecting to be back in full swing to be able to deliver your turf grasses for your new lawn.

I you do need a new lawn or just some patches of turf, please put your order in as soon as possible, because there is only 4 of us. And we only have limited deliveries we can do.

Chat soon


Smaller sized lawn? No problems

Not everyones lawn is the same shape, size or has the same needs.

Thats why at Coastal Turf we have 6 different varieties of turf grasses to become your new lawn.

Everyone has different wants and needs for their new lawn. Some lawns are in the baking sun all day, some in the cool of the shade most of the day. Some lawns are active areas, consistently being use. Other lawns are there for more oriental purposes.

Small thin lawns

Some people have great big large areas, and others smaller areas to make into a beautiful green grass.

At Coastal Turf, there is no “one size fits all” type of attitude. We believe everyone is uniquely different. And all their concerns and expectations about their new lawn should be meet individually.

That is why we are happy to delivery, 10, 15, 20 37, 52, 569 or however many square meters you have measured up for your new lawn. No amount is too small. No amount too big. Why not try our calculator to help you measure?

Often the size of your lawn will mean that you have different needs as well for your lawn. Sometimes a smaller lawn will mean you want to do less mowing, so an Empire Zoysia lawn is fantastic. Sometimes a larger lawn is going to be used for a more active family, especially the happier to see you four legged kind, so you want a Wintergreen lawn.

Either way our friend family team at Coastal Turf is happy to help in any way we can to match the best lawn to your lifestyle.

Stunning Dark green lawns that are easy to care for

I think a beautiful lawn should be a dark rich green colour, that makes your face light up when you see it. It should be cool and comforting to walk upon. A beautiful lawn should be easy to take care of, and you should spend more time out playing on your lawn, than you should be looking after it.

And that is why the Empire zoysia is one of my favourite turf grasses to become your families new lawn.

Its beautiful dark rich green colour is eye catching. An Empire Zoysia lawn is the type of front lawn that draws everyones attention as they walk past.

But more importantly, your new Empire Zoysia lawn will become a place where memories are made.

The medium sized leaves are soft soft and comforting to walk across in any type of shoe (even high heels) . But feels so good in bare feet. The leaves comfort your feet, moulding to your step. Making your our door lawn time so enjoyable. You won’t want to walk across your lawn. Your will want to lie down and make grass angels .

Empire Zoysia also has a reputation as being one of the lowest maintenance turf grasses. (See my hometurf.com.au) With mowing so low in winter you won’t remember the last time you got the old victa out.

Requiring a lot less water than buffalo lawn, but with similar shade tolerance to a Sir Walter, an Empire Zoysia lawn is perfect for families who want to be outside enjoying their time together.

So whether you have a furry family member who you want to enjoy your new lawn with, or the 2 legged giggly kind, an Empire Zoysia lawn will make you family time all that more special. Click here to order yours now