Easter Lawns

Well the wet weather has set in again. Just in time for Easter. Every year at Easter time, it seems to rain. Thats why it’s best not to plant camping trip at Easter. But rather a stay-cation at home where you know the food is good, and the beds are perfect.

On your 4 day hopefully holiday, why not take the time to sit back and reflect upon your lawn.

The wet weather means for those looking for turf, a little extra wait for the best lawn to arrive. Or it could mean, extra time for planning. Looking at your area, and planning on what the best type of turf would suit your lawn. Need a little extra help? Have a look at our turf table.

Our Paddocks are bathing in the rain, and growing thick and lush. But they do not like to be harvested when the paddocks are wet. It just makes mud. So we will all have to wait until Tuesday 5th April to have your beautiful Coastal Turf lawn delivered. Hopefully in the lovely 🌞!

Our Coastal Mix paddock

For those with beautiful lawns already installed, it means it time for you to throw some brilliant fertiliser across your lawn. The amazing rain will soak in all the nutrients right down tot the root systems, letting your lawn absorb it quickly and flush a brilliant dark green. A pelletised fertiliser is best at this time of year, like the All Rounder, as it will give your lawn food and nutrients over the next couple of months.

Are your little ones looking for a wet weather activity! Print our Coastal Turf colouring page. We would love to see what brilliant creations your family comes up with! We will be putting on our Facebook pages a few of the best. If you cannot download it here, email Sarah and we will send you a special one.