2024 The Green Year Ahead

Is 2024 the year that you turn your yard into a beautiful new Green lush lawn?

Hi, I’m Sarah. And I have decided I am not the type of person to make New Years resolutions, and stick to them. For so many years I have tried really hard to have good New Years resolutions. Resolutions like I will not eat so many hot chips. Or I will drink less wine, and much more water. Or I will exercise at least for an hour a day. I try to stick to them, but I usually only lasts about 2-3 weeks. One year I made the whole month.

Are you like me? Or are you the type of person who makes amazing New Years resolutions and sticks to them? Are you one of those amazing people I see in February who are still excising each morning? Maybe you are actually using your gym membership by going to the gym? Bravo to you! Or are you like me, who now just have good intentions?

Good Intentions are way more achievable I think. Good intentions are when you choose to do something and then you slowly work your way there. No rush or pressure. Just a really good feeling that you are going to do something good. One of my Good Intentions I am going to follow this year, is to make it as easy as possible for people to have a beautiful new lawn.

Nearly everyone I talk to loves a good green healthy lawn. While I have been talking with my friends over the New Years break they have been asking me so many questions about how to make their lawn better, or what would be the best new turf for their lawn that will be low maintenance and soft enough to sit on without a blanket.

After listening to these conversations over a bowl of hot chips and possibly a glass of wine, the Crew here at Coastal Turf and I have been working on easier ways for you to achieve your Good Intentions, or for those committed amazing people, your New Years Resolution of a beautiful new lawn.

For the people who are looking for a new lawn, we have an easy to use table to see which turf grass would suit you, making your choice easier and simpler. Then if you are one of this amazing people who are looking at the turf types between 7am to 3pm Monday to Friday, you can give us a call in the office and we can chat with you about your turf choices. You can then place your order with us in the office.

Or if like me, your Good Intentions get put on the back burner during the day, and you are looking for ways to fulfil your good intentions, (or your NEW YEARS Resolutions) after dark, head over to here and order your turf on line. Pick and choose the day you want delivery. Need something different, add it into the notes and we will see what we can do to help!

Blue couch Lawn installed by Tony the Turfman

If your New Years Good Intention is to renovate your existing lawn into something brilliant, we got you! We have this amazing product called RENOVATE. You sprinkle it over your lawn and water in, and the fertiliser does all the work for you! New Years Resolution/ Good Intention done in one easy step. And if you are looking to get the job done even faster, then use our ENHANCE liquid fertiliser to take you lawn from dull to Brilliant Green over night. I love a quick easy tick to a resolution or good intention.

If your New Years Good intention is to kill as many lawn grubs as possible without cause pain or worry to yourself, Acelperyn GR just became your new best friend in the fight. Easy to apply and long lasting protection means more death to the lawn easters, and more time enjoying your lush lawn for you.

I think that this year, my Good Intentions of helping lawn owners be happier is much much more achievable than eating less hot chips; or drinking more water; or exercising consistently. I hope the crew and I here can help you achieve your lawn goals. Now, I think we both need to congratulate ourselves with a glass of wine….