Sir Walter Buffalo

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Sir Walter buffalo is a wonderful family lawn. The thick lush grass will gladly handle the wear and tear of little feet and paws. The Sir Walter buffalo is perfect for shadier backyards with active families.

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A beautiful thick leaf lawn, thats can handle all the fun and excitement you can throw at it

  • The Australian bred Buffalo grass, to suit our conditions
  • Can handle up to 70% shaded lawns
  • A Fast repairing lawn, great for kids and high wear and tear areas
  • Australia’s most well known turf grass
  • Excellent green winter colour, even in frosty conditions
  • Excellent weed resistance
  • Low allergenic – no ‘itchies’ for the kids and pets
  • Sir Walter buffalo grass has a dense cover reducing weed infestation, meaning less herbicide usage

Sir Walter is remarkably hard wearing, and has the longest growing season of all the buffaloes. Since it does not go dormant, it is self-repairing and will quickly bounce back, making it perfect for pets, kids play areas and under clotheslines.