Palmetto Buffalo

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Palmetto Buffalo is the ideal turf for those who desire a low maintenance high quality thick leafed lawn all year round and for grassed areas around apartment complexes and family lawns. Palmetto makes a great outside carpet for families to enjoy.

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(Stenotaprum secundatum spp)

A Palmetto buffalo lawn is perfect for those shadier lawns on the Coasts. Thriving in sandy salty regions, the Palmetto lawn provides a soft mat the walk across on bare feet.

  • Excellent Shade tolerance (requiring only 2 – 3hrs of sunlight per day as a minimum).
  • Excellent weed resistance year round (as a thick mat is created).
  • Less mowing required than other Soft Leaf Buffalos
  • Takes  third of the watering than any other Buffalo lawn
  • Can grow in a wide range of soil types with ph levels from 5.0 to 8.5
  • An improved variety of buffalo grass
  • for more info see here