Greening your lawn by the Turfman

My husband feels that he know has the writers knack, so he threw this together for me. Tony the Turfman performs lawn installations and cares for lawns after they are installed so he knows what he is talking about, but is his style as good as mine? Let’s see…
Green is good

How many times over the last 30 years have we heard the term “GO GREEN”? Now mostly it is in reference to us all being more environmentally friendly. Using our GREEN bags, converting to GREEN energy, and of course the “GREENIES”.

I think that the most important and obvious green is the one right under our feet, our lawns!

And it never hurts to have a financial benefit as well as health benefits. Qld has recently completed some surveys that prove people are willing to pay up to 15% extra for a home that has a green, tidy lawn out the front. In most cases that is $40,000 benefit. Nice for a bit of grass that you mow once in a while.

But how do we get and maintain that green lush grass in our homes?

All locals know that the sand we have here in Caba is not the most ideal for wonderful gardens and thriving, lush grass. We do however have a very high rainfall and access to quality local soil. Knowing this, I have some great tips as to how to improve on what we have.

Now some of us are lawn fanatics, those that are out everyday weeding their lawns, hand cutting the edges, always having the best looking lawns around. And good for them. People with the time and energy for such things should hold their head high. And for the rest of us with busy lives, family and work commitments, what are are options?

Like my car, once every year I do a big service on my yard, A grease and soil change if you will. This, combined with some seasonal feeds and a little love and care keeps my turf running smoothly, looking good, and functioning the way I want it to. Lets start with coming out of winter into spring.

About now the days get longer, and weather gets warmer and we tend to venture outside again. Ahh the joys if spring. We take that big breath of fresh air, filling us with excitement!and then we cast our gaze across our lawn. Winter has taken its toll, especially the late cold followed by extreme heat.

Rain appears unlikely at the moment ( although I have my fingers and toes crossed for it to come) but, when you see it coming, throw out some organic fertiliser (blood and bone, dynamic lifter or rooster booster) across the top of your lawn and let the rain wash it in,( this will wash the fertiliser in and get rid of the smell as well). But as there is no real rain at moment, put out the fertiliser onto your lawn in the morning and water well in. Why in the morning? well a couple of reasons – firstly the grass is at its most receptive to accept water and food at this time. Secondly the smell is terrible, and most people are off to work ( no cranky neighbours). And if you have kids, give them a hose in the afternoon to finish it off. This will cool the grass down, the kids down, probably the dog, and maybe even the washing.

Like all living things grass needs plenty of water. Don’t wait until your lawn is brown and crunchy, then it’s too late. Watering should be done as you see the grass start to shrivel. But water is too expensive! I hear you say. It doesn’t need to be expensive. Using the Australian sprinkler is a time honoured tradition but use it sparingly(10 mins an area).
A great everyday tip-
washing machine water is great for your lawn, as is other grey water in your home. Get a hose and run it out!

And then for the major service for the year.if you have very poor, impoverished soil, top dressing is great. Again spring is a good time, but whenever you have the time and energy is great too. Top dressing is getting some good nutrient rich soil, (grab a fistfull of it and squeeze, if it sticks together it is good, again it should smell BAD) and spread it evenly across your lawn so that the leaves are popping through. Just before rain is a great time to do this as well, but water if you need to. The nutrients are driven into the root base giving the grass a great big hearty feed. Top dressing also gives you the chance to fill in any of those little holes or divets in your lawn and level your yard up.

Green is good. Green is healthy. Green is financially worth while. Green is Grass and grass is good.

Your lawn has the potential to be so much more than that thing you mow , it can be your entertainment area, your relaxation spot, the backyard stadium where games of vital importance are played and a safe haven for your family. Make it green, make it lush, sit back and watch the grass grow – relax.