Instructional Videos

I love How to Dad on Facebook. He is so funny. And I really wish he was around when my kids were small. They may not have turned my hair so grey.

In thinking about how his instructional videos help so many fathers and make mothers laugh, Tony the Turfman and Coastal Turf have made REAL instructional videos for installation of lawns, preparation of areas, and some about ta year on our farm. we have take a snap shot of the Turfman’s day and turned it into instructional videos.


You may have already seen some of these on our Facebook pages, Coastal Turf Facebook, but now we have a youtube “channel” I guess. Have a look at these videos and see what you think. But please remember I grow lawns and make them beautiful, I’m not so awesome at the whole Youtube thing yet.

Hopefully these links work. Coastal Turf Youtube

Chat soon,

And let me know what you think.