Check out our new page – Tony the Turfman. He is our Local Lawnatic who knows all about Turf installation and lawn and garden maintenance, as well as visually appealing gardens that are also practical to everyday life. Tony is also my husband and father of our 3 lovely children. Tony has the knowledge from years of working at Coastal Turf and learning our tricks of the trade for optimum lawn grass growth and health that he can now use to make your lawn look Green and Lush.

Having 3 children and 2 dogs, Tony knows the practical uses of a lawn. Like backyard football and trampoline areas, the local gymnastic center, or it is at our house and a lavatory area for the fury part of our family. He knows how is has to be hardy and ready to use. In all places.

Turfman can also prefer your other gardens needs…

I wont babble on here, just click over to the page and have a look


Go from Brown to Green lawn instantly!

Go from Brown to Green lawn instantly with the Turfman!

Feature Paving with Turf installation

Feature Paving with Turf installation









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