Palmetto Buffalo – your new Lawn

Only have a small yard? Don”t get a lot of light? But still really want the green soft area to look at and walk on with your bare feet?

Then I have the right grass for your yard! Palmetto Buffalo!

Small Yard?

Just because you only have a small are, does not mean you should miss out on having the Aussie dream of a grass area to love. Being a small area, you won’t really want to be out there mowing and watering all the time. The Palmetto buffalo requires a third of the mowing and watering of any other buffalo!

Low Light?

And just because you have neighbours who shade your yard from the harsh heat of the sun, or tress that give you all the privacy that you need, does not mean you have to miss our on the outside carpet! The Palmetto buffalo only needs 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. And that doesn’t have to be all at once. You can have bit on the morning, and a bit in the afternoon.

Want a lush fluffy lawn to walk on?

Of course you do! Why else do you install turf? Because you want the soft cushion of thick leaves underfoot, comforting your feet as you do boring things like hand out the washing, or exciting things like kicking the ball around.Palmetto Buffalo has a thick lush leaf that grows tight knot creating a beautiful green carpet for you and your family to enjoy. And because of the thick lush leaves, you are less likely to get air born weeds like bindis in your lawn.

Want proof that Palmetto Buffalo is perfect for you?

Then check out this video that Tony the Turfman created to show how to make a small yard beautiful with Palmetto buffalo



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