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From Expo’s to Sculptures – Its been an interesting week

Well this week I have been from the normal old job of creating, installing and providing people with new lawns, to being apart of the Tweed Sustainability Expo to show people how a gorgeous green lawn can not only add value to your home, but value to your life as well. It was a great Saturday and it gave me the opportunity to chat and learn from so many new people. Especially those interested in grass, its benefits and how we can help them have the best lawn you can. Tony the Turfman and I had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came and had a chat.

Expo photo

Then on Monday I went down to Brunswick Heads to help Jo add the “skin” to her sculpture for the Brunswick Sculpture walk to be held on the October Long weekend. It was a great experience to watch my Beautiful Blue be turned into something other than a lawn. I truly hope that in the future I get another chance to build another Turf Sculpture with Jo or another Artist. (For those, like me whoa re less refined at art, the grass wall is a resting wall, or a seat to lean against and look out at the creek. It is also a reflection of the corners that the river takes in Brunswick heads. I was impressed. I can grow beautiful grass and help attach it to things, but I couldn’t have come up with the subject.)

Bruns walk

I can not wait to see what the rest of the week will bring to my life? What exciting new project do you have at  your place we can help you with?


Chat soon


What are you doing today?

  What are your doing this fine Saturday? Are you installing new lawns? Or are you thinking about what is the best lawn for me? If you are head down to the TWeed Sustainability Expo at the Murwillumbah Civic Center this morning and come and tough and feel the grass, get expert advice from myself and Tony the Turfman on the installation of your new turf for the perfect lawn.  

Qld Blue. The star of the heat!

My goodness it has been extremely hot! Even the kids are hot. Mostly my kids run around not noticing the heat, but even my little ones are complaining about the heat at the moment. There has been many a little trip to the creek this weekend. But I think the best time we had this weekend was installing a new lawn. It meant that there were sprinklers going left right and centre. And of course we all accidentally walked through the water. I can really see how the light watering in the morning and night that I recommend you do after you have installed new turf is so refreshing to the lawn.

As weird as it sounds I really do like installing new lawns, even working with my husband! (Like many if you I can only work inclose contact with my husband for short bursts. Its better that way). Tony the Turfman and I helped some lovely people in Cabarita Beach transform their dirt into amazing new beautiful lawn! And managed to get hot and then cool in the process. And I definitely earned our knock off beer in the process!

Dirt around the house
Putting down the new LawnThe beautiful Finished Lawn!

As you can see, turning someones lawn from dirt and dusk and yuck to Green lush Beautiful Blue Couch is amazing. It transforms a house into a home!

There house takes out my award for Greener on their Side of the Fence this week! It looked amazing, felt fantastic under our bare feet, and the kids couldn’t stop running around on it. We put them on watering duty! Turned out that was one of the Best things I have ever done!

Coastal Turf – Not only great Lawns but part of your community!

A Coastal Turf and Tony the Turfman we don’t just provide beautiful new lawns and green areas for you to love and enjoy, but having a family and living in our Tweed and Gold Coast community, we also really like to be part of the Community.

Our kids are now playing Oze tag in Kingscliff and we were all very excited to see the Tweed Coast Raiders shirts with the Tony the Turfman logo on the back being worn by the older kids as the amazed us with their skills. It definitely made my 6 year old son drop his jaw in awe.



That’s the best part of being a our area is that we are recognizable by our community. I think this  makes us more accountable with our A grade Quality turf, ensuring it really is the top quality, and our service is carried out like we were talking and delivering to family. With care and understanding.

So if you do see any of us out, say Hi. Let us know how your lawn is going, and on a a Monday at Oze Tag chat away to us, ask tips and advice and we will see what we can do. Also a little cheer for the Turfman shirts as well as our little kids running around!

Chat Soon


A fresh Green Lawn – the perfect Fathers Day gift.

September is a month full of fun and excitement here at Coastal Turf. Being a Father Daughter family company it is always REALLY REALLY bad to forget about Fathers Day. Needless to say, being to Amazing daughter that I am, I have always remembered, so far, and made a fuss of Dad. Because really without Dad (with a lot of help from Mum) there wouldn’t be me. And then without, them and Myself and Tony the Turfman there wouldn’t be our amazing children. So really we have a lot to be thankful to Dad for.

This Fathers Day, (this Sunday the 7th September for those who don;t work so closely with their Dad and don’t have reminders an your phone) we are giving Dad a rest. I said to him he could have all Sunday off and I will even make him his favourite dinner. Rissoles and Gravy with Mash. He did say he always gets Sunday off. I then responded by saying “well, see how much I love and appreciate you!” hehe

When I was chatting with a lovely Gentleman in Pottsville yesterday, He has ordered his turf for Saturday, so when all his Loving family comes to see him on Sunday, they can all install his new lawn for him. What a FANTASTIC idea I said. Then one of his children rang through and paid for his new lawn. What a wonderful family and a lovely way to spend a Sunday. This Gentleman was saying that he will have 3 generations together again, and he expects two generations will be able to install the turf. He was going to give his wife the day off, and his sons and daughter, and grandchildren are going to install the lawn. He will  BBQ for them, and he said as a Father of course he has the right to yell instructions from his comfy chair. I asked his Son about what he thought would happen on Sunday, he said “…it will be hard to stop Dad getting out an helping. It will be good fun…”

And thats what Fathers Day is about. Having good fun with your Dad, showing him how much you appreciate all he does and has done for you and your family. And maybe like the Pottsville Gentleman, your family can show your lawn with Grass. Install them a lush new fresh lawn on Sunday. Have a BBQ lunch and sit back and enjoy the Green.

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads. I know we will all be having fun eating Rissoles.

Chat Soon





Coastal Turf Installations

Would you prefer the Professionals to install your new lawn?

At Coastal Turf we use and recommend several qualified and fully insured Landscapers who are experts in all things Turf to install your new lawn to perfection. We are proud to work alongside many amazing & talented landscapers creating quality work. With years and years of experience and knowledge under their belt. Please ask and we can put you in contact with all details for landscapers.

DIY Installations

After 25 years of quality turf production we know a thing or two about new lawns. If you want to DIY your new lawn, we can provide you with a step by step installation guide on the best way to achieve lawn perfection. With all the tips & tricks we can offer.

Palmetto Buffalo

Last week I sent my husband and his hard working boys out to install a gorgeous green soft robust Palmetto Lawn in Seaside city. But being so close to the sea how will grass survive with the salty air and the sandy soils I hear you think. (yes, being a mum I know what people are thinking now). Well that is the extreme beauty of the Palmetto buffalo. It is amazing how effortlessly it works on the seemingly never grow lawn areas. Like areas where the sea blows salt across your lawn, and the soil has little to no nutrients and, watering is something no one wants to do. Palmetto Buffalo thrives and grows aggressively. And of course when you have the Professionals like Tony the Turfman from Coastal Turf install your lawn then of course it is going to look amazing and grow into a beautiful lawn. Aha the serenity on the beach side kicking back on a palmetto lawn. NOICE

Palmetto BuffaloChat soon


Welcome to a Fantastic Green New Year

This year our team at Coastal Turf is looking forward to a new year full of beautiful green lawns and smiling faces.

The last couple of years have been very full on! And I think we all are looking forward to 2022 hopefully not having so many headlines with the numbers of people we have lost. And more numbers about how exciting the future is!

One way that has been proven that everyones Mental health improves, is to surround ourselves with Green. For millennia our brains have associated the colour green with safety and good health.

Even in our cities Green means GO. Green traffic lights mean go.

Green at home means we have a sanctuary. A safe happy place that our families can relax, unwind, and play on.

Coastal Turf is excited to help create so many more sanctuaries. Safe places. Happy places. Lawns for everyone to be happy on.

Coastal Turf is really looking forward to helping so many people create a Green happy place at your home.

Whether you want a thick lush buffalo lawn, or a soft fluffy couch lawn, or an in-between Empire Zoysia lawn.

Give us a call and we can help you choose the right turf to become your new lawn like these ones.

Buffalo lawns are great for active families with shady areas. Couch lawns are so soft under foot, perfect for running around on with bare feet. And Empire Zoysia lawns are that beautiful space in between, soft under foot, but tough enough to handle anything you can throw at them.

Or get in touch with us and we can help you choose which lawn is best for you.

Mums. They are just so important.

There is something that is just so special about Mums. I might be slightly biased, as I am a mum, I had a wonderful mum, and now I have a an amazing step-mum, but I really do believe that Mums are amazing people. Mums are people who love you unconditionally and hold you tight when you need it. And let you go when you are strong. Help you get up when you fall. Tell you when you are right, and when you are not so right, but back you the whole way. Mums are just so important.

When I was younger, and especially as a teenage daughter, I know I never appreciated my mum enough. As a mother of 3 teenagers now, I thank her every day in a silent prayer for all that she did for me. I don’ t think you really appreciate all that your Mum does for you, until you have your own children. Quite often I find myself thanking my mum for not killing me as a teenager , so I could experience the joys and wonders of having my own teenagers. And then also questioning how and why she didn’t. I’m sure she is heaven right now laughing very hard.

I do often find myself saying something know I have heard my mother say that to me. Like if the dishwasher is open and has dirty dishes in it, do NOT put your dirty dishes in the sink, put them in the dishwasher. Or hang up your wet towel. It will not dry on the floor. Or that I am not physic, and cannot read your mind, so you better tell me.

I know have 2 teenage sons, and 1 teenage daughter. So yes, I am slightly insane. I have found that teenage sons do not open their mouths to speak anymore. It is mumble and grunts. Combined with looks of pure confusion when I ask them to repeat what they said so I can understand them. My boys are still very affectionate and will ask for hugs and reassurance. My Teenage daughter though does not believe hugs are necessary, and doesn’t even know how I graduated high school with all that I don’t know. And then in the same conversation will say how amazing she thinks I am and how much she loves us all. It can be a very confusing half hour before school in the morning. In our home eye rolls are common place, and text messages with request for food is the norm.

So far I think I am doing pretty well as a mum. On par mostly with how great my mum was. In saying that, I am sadly lacking in my mums ability to be able to keep enough food into our house though. I always thought it was strange that my mum was at the shops buying food all the time. Now I know why.

Me and my crazy family! My wonderful husband Tony the Turfman, Daughter Hollie, Eldest son Riley and Youngest Son Marcus.

As a teenage daughter I ate selectively, and probably really annoyingly. Sorry Mum. As a Mum of 3 teenagers I am failing on the food front. I never seem to have enough food for “snacks”, (which funnily enough appear to be whole meals. I didn’t realise that a full burger was a snack. My fault), or have the RIGHT food available for them. Like having Marvellous creations milk chocolate instead of dairy Milk chocolate. (Mum tip though. Always have chocolate in the house. If not for them, at least for you.)

If I am as good as mum to my kids as my mum was to me, then I will be very happy. My Mum supported me through all my tantrums, fears, scares. Like my huge mental breakdown during my HSC exams. She held and feed me and made sure I had enough sleep and smiles to get through my exams and come out the other side a better person. My Mum also supported and shared with me some of my greatest triumphs, like when I got my P license, buying my first car, and then as I got older starting my career and own family. And now I get to share some of those moment with my kids.

My mother passed away a long time ago now. And my father remarried a wonderful lady, who is now my Step-Mum. But like the Bradey Bunch, “the only steps on our house are the ones that lead upstairs.” Which means I know have another chance at having a wonderful mum in our lives. (And an amazing sister and new brother too).

And also another chance to go to a wonderful wise woman and ask for tips and advice on life. Because that is what’s Mums are for! Being the voice if reason to tell you the real truths. No matter what they are. Some good, some bad.

I go to my new Mum for reassurance that I am not insane. I think as a mum, you have lots of self doubt moments. My new Mum is great at supporting me when it comes to dealing with teenagers, and husbands and Fathers, and all the fun and games they come with. Which is so valuable. I know that sometimes I just need to go to my New Mum and ask if this too will pass? And she reassures me that I am doing my best, and really so are they. And that it will work out well into the future. And Hugs are so important.

In my life, Mums are so amazing and wonderful. I feel so blessed and humbled to have started with my mum loving and looking after me, to me loving and cherishing (and so far not killing them) my own children, to the gift of another mum in my life.

I am sure that your Mum, new or original, is important in your life as well. Or maybe you need to also look at how amazing you are as someone’s Mum. And all the wonderful things that you do to ensure that your kids have smiles and hugs.

This Mothers Day, because we can hug our Mums again, why not do it on a beautiful new lawn you have installed for her? Or have your kids help you install a new lawn, so they can play outside and you can sit back and relax and watch the smiles you put own their faces.

Never under estimate the importance of having a Mum, or being someones Mum.

How to create the best lawn in the street at your home

Do you need a step by step guide as to how to create the best lawn in the street? Well at Coastal Turf we have all the answers for you. We have the easy version – a quick 3 point guide to creating the best lawn areas for your home, or the more complicated version that goes into all the fine details. 

The Easy quick clean version is 3 simple easy steps. 

  1. Pick up the phone and call Coastal Turf and arrange for the Turfman to come out to provide you with a easy quote 
  2. Meet Tony at your home and describe what you want your new lawn should look like, shake his hand and arrange the time he will start. 
  3. Wake up on the morning with dirt and brown and muck in your yard. But relax, that night, you will running your toes through luscious lawn. 


Three easy steps to creating a beautiful lawn at your home.

But if you are more of the weekend warrior style kinda person, then Coastal Turf has you covered as well. If you haven’t installed a new lawn before, and you don’t know where to start, our team of Lawnatics can talk you through the steps that our experts would go through to create beautiful lawns.

 Like getting the soil right for optimal root growth and health. 

Like sloping the soil away from our home to stop water running into your lounge room. 

Or the correct pattern to install the turf in to stop slippage and make sure that all the slabs sit together properly. 

The steps for the DIY guide for new homes being with  

  1. Call Coastal Turf 
    1. Confirm with the Lawnatics at Coastal Turf which turf variety would be best to become your new lawn
    2. Tell the Lawnatics your email address for the team to send you the DIY guide
  2. Set aside a day to prepare your yard for its brand new lawn. 
    1. Call your Really Really good friends, preferably one with SOME turf installation knowledge and lock them in for the big preparation date 
    2. Ensure you have enough food and drinks for a BBQ for when they help. 
    3. Remember it is really important to hydrate the workers 
  3. Depending upon where you are located, ask for advice from the Lawnatics at Coastal Turf for the best suited soil. 
    1. Have the soil delivered. 
    2. Spread the soil, either by hand or get in a bobcat. 
    3. Remember it is really important to hydrate the workers, but not too much 
    4. Ensure that the soil is sloped slightly away from your home

And the list goes on. Can’t give away all our secrets here. 😉 

Send us a quick email to request your turf installation guide today. Or simply call to start the process on your new lawn.