Coastal Turf – Not only great Lawns but part of your community!

A Coastal Turf and Tony the Turfman we don’t just provide beautiful new lawns and green areas for you to love and enjoy, but having a family and living in our Tweed and Gold Coast community, we also really like to be part of the Community.

Our kids are now playing Oze tag in Kingscliff and we were all very excited to see the Tweed Coast Raiders shirts with the Tony the Turfman logo on the back being worn by the older kids as the amazed us with their skills. It definitely made my 6 year old son drop his jaw in awe.



That’s the best part of being a our area is that we are recognizable by our community. I think thisĀ  makes us more accountable with our A grade Quality turf, ensuring it really is the top quality, and our service is carried out like we were talking and delivering to family. With care and understanding.

So if you do see any of us out, say Hi. Let us know how your lawn is going, and on a a Monday at Oze Tag chat away to us, ask tips and advice and we will see what we can do. Also a little cheer for the Turfman shirts as well as our little kids running around!

Chat Soon