Turf – not just for horses

Well its that time of year again that when you google Turf, you can get  whole lot more than just some farms come up. Tomorrow is the Great Melbourne Cup. The race that stops nation. Puts women into high heals and hats, and mens into south in the heat of the day. Its like a wedding, only without your relatives you HAVE to invite. And you can bet legally at the Races. This year the Coastal Turf team and the Tony the Turfman Crew will be at Murwillumbah Jockey Club celebrating the TURF.

Race day fun

I am really really terrible at picking a winner at the races. I like the pretty looking ones, or any jockey that wears green, blue or pink. Turns out there are heaps of them. But I do like to don a pair of heels and aerovate the lawn. Thats right Ladies you are doing a public service wearing your high heels on the lawn. By putting those little spikes down into the grass. You are actually opening up the air pathways and creating better pathway for the micro organisms and bugs and works to travel through, improving the health of the lawn. So if your husband says get off the lawn, get him to give me a ring. I promise not to give him a horse racing tip; But I will explain how you are helping the lawn’s health, and how he should be wonderful to you about it.


You local Turf Club needs us ladies to go and help with the health of their lawn. Support them with your heels. And then the next time your lawn is looking a little unhealthy and compacted, have an old fashioned Garden Party with the high heels to fix your lawns health as well. I will endorse the party as for being for investment reasons. A well cared for lawn adds value to your home!


Happy Race day all of you!