Empire Zoysia Lawn, tried tested and approved by Ethel the Turfdog.

Ethel the Dog on the Empire ZoysiaThis week Tony the Turfman and his crew installed a beautiful new Empire Zoysia lawn at Ocean Shores. The gentleman wanted a thinner leafed soft cushioning lawn, without the fuss and other, and the ability to withstand a little shade. And he choose the Empire Zoysia. Ethel the Turfdog agreed with his choice. It was a wonderful lawn for a lie down after a quick inspection of the property. And Tony the Turfman and his boys worked hard to install the beautiful Zoysia slabs into a Empire Zoysia Lawn.

AS you can see, team work is the best idea for lawn installations, with someone carting the turf to the right places, someone lining up and installing the slabs, and the most skilled and coordinated person using the cane knife to cut into the edges and shape the slabs into a beautiful lawn.

Have a great ANZAC weekend. For those marching, thank you.

We are booked out this weekend, but are happy to take your orders for the following week from Tuesday on delivery.

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