A fresh Green Lawn – the perfect Fathers Day gift.

September is a month full of fun and excitement here at Coastal Turf. Being a Father Daughter family company it is always REALLY REALLY bad to forget about Fathers Day. Needless to say, being to Amazing daughter that I am, I have always remembered, so far, and made a fuss of Dad. Because really without Dad (with a lot of help from Mum) there wouldn’t be me. And then without, them and Myself and Tony the Turfman there wouldn’t be our amazing children. So really we have a lot to be thankful to Dad for.

This Fathers Day, (this Sunday the 7th September for those who don;t work so closely with their Dad and don’t have reminders an your phone) we are giving Dad a rest. I said to him he could have all Sunday off and I will even make him his favourite dinner. Rissoles and Gravy with Mash. He did say he always gets Sunday off. I then responded by saying “well, see how much I love and appreciate you!” hehe

When I was chatting with a lovely Gentleman in Pottsville yesterday, He has ordered his turf for Saturday, so when all his Loving family comes to see him on Sunday, they can all install his new lawn for him. What a FANTASTIC idea I said. Then one of his children rang through and paid for his new lawn. What a wonderful family and a lovely way to spend a Sunday. This Gentleman was saying that he will have 3 generations together again, and he expects two generations will be able to install the turf. He was going to give his wife the day off, and his sons and daughter, and grandchildren are going to install the lawn. He will  BBQ for them, and he said as a Father of course he has the right to yell instructions from his comfy chair. I asked his Son about what he thought would happen on Sunday, he said “…it will be hard to stop Dad getting out an helping. It will be good fun…”

And thats what Fathers Day is about. Having good fun with your Dad, showing him how much you appreciate all he does and has done for you and your family. And maybe like the Pottsville Gentleman, your family can show your lawn with Grass. Install them a lush new fresh lawn on Sunday. Have a BBQ lunch and sit back and enjoy the Green.

Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads. I know we will all be having fun eating Rissoles.

Chat Soon