Palmetto Buffalo

Last week I sent my husband and his hard working boys out to install a gorgeous green soft robust Palmetto Lawn in Seaside city. But being so close to the sea how will grass survive with the salty air and the sandy soils I hear you think. (yes, being a mum I know what people are thinking now). Well that is the extreme beauty of the Palmetto buffalo. It is amazing how effortlessly it works on the seemingly never grow lawn areas. Like areas where the sea blows salt across your lawn, and the soil has little to no nutrients and, watering is something no one wants to do. Palmetto Buffalo thrives and grows aggressively. And of course when you have the Professionals like Tony the Turfman from Coastal Turf install your lawn then of course it is going to look amazing and grow into a beautiful lawn. Aha the serenity on the beach side kicking back on a palmetto lawn. NOICE

Palmetto BuffaloChat soon



  1. Thanks very much for waiting most of the day today (saturday) for us after being hopelessly lost and you coming and finding us and leading back to your turf farmto pick up our 13m of turf, the service was fantastic, i have got turf from other companies on the goldcoast and the product you supplied us was far superior to what other company had suplied us, when we take on the next part of our yard reno we will be certainly doing the 170km round trip form our place at the northern of the gold coast to get more turf from you guys, THANKS AGAIN.
    Anyone looking for turf buy from these guys
    Brett, Billie and jayden