Watch out Lawn Grub about!

I am now seriously disturbed. This morning I found in the cuffs on my favourite denim shorts (you know how you have that really comfy and soft and fit your body perfectly, makes you look and feel good? well I do and I love them) I found Lawn grub eggs! Why oh why! Could they not have chosen any other of the clothes on the line. Why did it have to be my favourite shorts!

So I released my rather on the lawn under the clothes line again this morning and threw out my sand granulated killer again. I don’t care if its useless doing it in the morning, and I don’t care that Tony only put some out last night. I was angry and I felt violated and I wanted revenge! And that was just on my shorts, imagine how insane I could have been if it was on my favourite patch of sitting grass.

So before my slightly psychotic moment the kids and I were chatting about the holidays and my 5 year old has decided that it is time for him to learn how to drive a tractor. Oh I said. “yep its time I learn” he said. After a 20 minute conversation as to why he was too young and the 5 minute sulk/tantrum that followed I said to him that he could sit on the little mower and practice for when he could drive. Now I meant sit on the tractor off and do Play School driving, he did not. So after another 20 minute chat, then sulk then yell, I took photos of what he would look like of he could drive and I said we could just pretend. And of course his sister had to jump in on the act.

So that could be why I went a little crazy with the lawn grubs. I took all my frustrations out on the grubs. I would have squished their guts out if I had found any. But I couldn’t.

So everyone make sure that you put your sprays and sand granulated lawn grub killers out if you see and eggs anywhere (I hope its not on your favourite shorts) and get them before they take over and leave really bad patches. Or make you crazy. And don’t think that they cannot survive underwater because I have seen that too, so get those puddle areas as well.

Good luck lawn grub killers out their. May your aim be straight and true, and your pants safe, and your children not frustrating. I am really really looking forward to the school holidays so they can recoup.


Chat soon


Marcus and Hollie pretending to drive to little mower

Marcus and Hollie pretending to drive to little mower


  1. There are several types of grub controls from fast acting grub killer products to slower acting season long insecticides. Newer and more environmentally safe biological products are available. Some of these products are insect specific. Below is a list and description of available lawn grub control products.