Queensland and Northern River Floods

Water in Queensland is an amazing thing. Queensland seems to either have not enough of water and be in drought or have exorbitant amounts of water that causes all  the disasters floods. My Uncle lives in Toowoomba and it was a long few hours before we could contact him. And then when his phone wouldn’t answer we feared the worse, but he was like many others, receiving calls from family and loved ones to make sure he was ok. His house was a little island in a torent river he said, and the scariest part was that he lives on the side of a hill. I am still amazed that about the amount of water that fell so quickly.

I also have cousins and an Aunt and Uncle who live in the Lockyer Valley. Again a few panicked hours for them as the water rose. They did manages to save all their animals and live stock and their house was only washed. But being stuck in a house and not being able to help others was frustrating they texted – because they couldn’t phone out as they were waiting for emergency services to call. My amazing cousin is a Paramedic with Queensland Ambulance and needs a lot of praise for her as well as her whole service. They waded in and out of water, far deeper than they expected to people who had called for help. Even thinking about the  people who needed help as well as those selflessly helping is welling up tears in my eyes. This whole crisis is so emotional and I must give praise to all those working so wonderfully together and using an emotional struggle to bind peole together rather than tearing them apart.Congrats you amazing people!

We are one of the few turf farms that didn’t go under and float away. Our hearts and minds go out to those in Esk at the wonderful turf farm there. May the sky’s shine warmth and the ground absorb all your water.

All our best wishes and prayers to you all. I wont put in any photos today as the whole visual realization of the floods is way too emotional for me.



  1. Thanks! I think people who buy turf are not just getting some great grass from us but deserve a little after service. Sometimes you just need that little bit of info to start you off on the right tract. Thank s again. I’m glad people are reading it.

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