Pokemon on the Grass

I have an 8 year old. And we have two 22 year olds working for us. And that means Pokemon has entered my life AGAIN! I remember Pokemon from when I was young, and I was even a little excited when my youngest started collecting the Pokemon cards. Although I had no idea what you did with them. I’m just not that type of exciting Mum.

Part of being a family business is that the people who work for you also become part of your family. And our family business means that the guys that work with us have to understand there will be kids running around the farm in the morning when they arrive for work. And, if they get here early enough, they will get a cooked breakfast with the kids. At one if these breakfast Josh and Toby (the 22 years olds) were talking about their Pokemon app and how many they had caught. And it peaked the interest of my 8 year old. And after many weeks of resisting, I finally allowed Marc to download the app on my phone.

So off a Pokemon hunting we went. It turns out there are a lot on the farm. Which makes sense I guess as its nice and green. I guess thats what Pokemon like. I know its what real live Ducks, little Roos and lots of different types of birds enjoy about the farm. Marc told the “Men” about the Pokemon on the farm this morning and they were devastated as they were out today installing someones new lawn. Not on the farm. But I think tomorrow I will have a lot of the farm work completed all over the farm. Hehe

I now know why my desk at work has been so messy though! I had a Pokemon living on it. A cute little turtle looking thing. Obviously this is why the papers had been spread all over it. Not the fact that it is tax time.

Chat soon everyone, and hopefully we roll up a few Pokemon with your turf and deliver it to you this weekend.



  1. The Pokemon craze just keeps escalating! Be careful who you advertise your lush, green, Pokemon-inhabited farm too.. You might wake up to hundreds of Pokemon hunters on your property stealing your Squirtles.

    Happy hunting 🙂