New Grass at your place – from our Farm to your Lawn

Have you ever wondered how our grass gets from growing in our paddocks to being your lawn in the afternoon?

I thought you may like to have a look at our harvester. Usually Macca or I would be standing on the side of the harvester to cut your new lawn out of our paddocks and bring them over to your house on pallets.

Many an hour we have stood folding and stacking turf for the enjoyment of you to install it at your place or your friends whom you have bribed (or threatened as was the case of a job I went to last week) and especially for our much loved landscapers and Turf maintenance men. I really enjoy being up there and working outside. The air is sometimes dusty, but its always challenging, and I don’t have to join the Gym.


So its not on a shelf, it really is in the ground nice and fresh and growing just for you

Coastal Turf’s harvester John Commens driving.



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