Meeting Of the Grass Heads

Well thats what my husband calls a Turf Australia meeting. All us Grass Heads get together and exchange ideas and recipes for Turf. We stand on a little grass and watch how the Government bodies do it. I went and stood on several different types of grass, but I still hold by Queensland Blue Couch as my favourite. Its still the softest, spongiest grass underfoot that there is. Well I like it the best anyway. Turf Australia has an erosion control center located at their facility in Brisbane so we went along to find out how turf preforms in roadsides and sloping hill regions to control erosion and sediment loose. I will put more on during the week, but wanted to touch base with you all saying, nt on holidays, JUST ENJOYING THE GREEN!


Sare at DAFF facility

Sare at DAFF erosion facility


  1. I cannot thank you enough for the blog article.Thanks Again. Keep writing

  2. Buffalo seeds are infertile and thus cannot be planted, you will need to purchase your buffalo lawn in cut rolls of turf. this is also the cheapest way to purchase a new lawn, methods such as seeding and planting runners usually work out alot more expensive than purchasing the lawn on rolls. this is because of the work required in controlling the weeds during the establishment period, and the water required for the seeds to grow, which usually takes from 6 months to 1 year to fully establish.

  3. Thanks. I believe you are right. I think its all about your philosophy on life – Do it properly and Do it Once and The more effort you put in now the less you have to later on. Thanks again Sare

  4. Totally agree. Turf rolls means no weeds and less cost over time. Like I said “The more you put in no, the less you have to put in later.”
    Thanks Sare