Lawn Mowing Heights

The Third issue the MAY have a detrimental (negative) effect on your lawn is ………….


The single BIGGEST mistake that most Australian Lawn Owners make is mowing there lawn too low. The green part of your lawn is the part that absorbs sunlight and turns it into energy for the grass.  When the lawn is mown too low that green part of the lawn is taken away in the catcher. This therefore means that the lawn has to draw on the reserves that it has stored in the roots. These reserves will only provide enough energy for the grass to recover once. If that lawn is then mowed down to low AGAIN, the grass has run out of reserves and begins to die off.

scalped grass

An easy way to think about it is – ‘Your lawn is very similar to your bank balance’.

The green part of the leaf is putting money back into the bank account, when you mow your lawn you are paying bills, or taking money out of the bank account. The energy stored in the roots is your overdraft or credit card, you can borrow from it BUT you have to pay it back…… The idea is to have a POSITIVE bank balance, not a NEGATIVE one. Therefore it is very important to keep putting money back into your bank account (ie, it is very important to ensure that you have the majority of your lawn in GREEN leaf). This will ensure that you bank account (lawn) will remain positive (lush and GREEN). A great way to reduce the strain on your bank balance is to pay your bills weekly instead of monthly. This means that a lesser amount of money is taken out on each payment and provides the opportunity for your bank balance to grow. (ie, the best way to ensure that you have a lush green lawn is to mow more regularly and take a lesser amount of green leaf away each time.)

scalped and unscalped grass

Each variety of Turf / Lawn should be  mown at different heights. The recommended mowing heights of established turfgrass varieties (in Summer Months) are

  • Green Couch =             25 – 30mm
  • Qld Blue Couch =             35mm
  • Buffalo Grass =             40 – 45mm
  • Zoysia Grass =             40mm
  • Carpet Grass =             40mm
  • Coastal Mix =             40mm

Some other Great tips for mowing are –

  • Only remove 1/3 of the leaf area at any one time.
  • The lower you mow it, the more often you need to mow it.  (Bowling greens are mown daily)
  • In Summer mow Weekly.
  • In Winter mow every 2nd or 3rd week.
  • In shady areas increase the mowing height of the grass. (This creates a greater leaf area to capture sunlight).
  • Mowing is the best form of weed control. (The 2nd best is physically pulling them out. Do not rely on chemicals).

As the amount of sunlight (food for the grass /lawn) changes throughout the year, so too should your mowing heights change throughout the year. There is more amount of sunlight in summer and therefore your lawn can be mown shorter. There is a lesser amount of sunlight during winter (with shorter days) and therefore your lawn should be mown higher (to allow a greater amount of food (sunlight) to be captured by the grass / lawn.


  1. Glenn Hobbs says

    Guys. I planted a Blue couch lawn on Thursday Feb 25 amd it looked great. Since then we have had a fair amount of rain in Brisbane. I looked at the turf last week and saw it brown as if it was almost dead. I have since sprayed it with lawn grub spray and yesterday a liquid Seasol fertiliser. Have I done the right thing? Can too much rain damage the turf?
    I would appreciate your advice. Regards Glenn

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  3. Hi,
    We are just a really small family business so everything is in house. Just me. No contracts nothing. I think that is why it works because I actually have the experience to write about. Thank s for the kudos. Chat soon Sare

  4. Hi I need help with my empire! I don’t know what’s the cause but it’s dying off everywhere! Any advice would be muchly appreciated!

  5. Sare - Coastal Turf says

    Hi Tim, I hope the info I sent helped.

  6. You try telling this good information to grumpy old people that mow the lawn to short, the welcomed information so that they have a good lawn through the years just buffers of, like teaching an old dog knew tricks lol

  7. Boris bavcevich says

    How can I remove mutt grass from winter green lawn .

  8. Sare - Coastal Turf says

    Hi Boris. I am guessing you mean Nut Grass? Sempra is the only known cure.

  9. Love the part about not mowing the lawn too short! I’ll be sure to mention this to my clients!

    Thank you for this fantastic information!