Lawn Grubs- watch out they are about

This is the prime tim elf year for these little horrors to be out again.lawn grub identificationpiknik

We have had a lot of calls over the last week in regards to Lawn grubs killing peoples lawns. Unfortunately there is no real prevention for lawn grubs. Or a type of grass that they don’t like. Many people tell me that they love couches more than any other grass, but in our experience, if there is a dried out tired looking couch lawn, that has had little care taken of it, and a rest thick green well cared for buffalo lawn next door, they will make their home in the tasty lawn instead. Its the difference between a burnt dried out 3 day old piece of dry toast and a 5 course freshly prepared meal. I know which one I would choose.


Prevention is hard to do. Looking after your lawn is an investment into your future though. So check for eggs around your home, on the eaves of your doors, on the fly screens, in your bathrooms, on towels and clothes coming in from the line, and even on your car. Here is what the eggs look like.

armyworm eggspiknik

I use cheap dishwashing liquid and tea tree oil in a large warm bucket of water to wash the effected egg areas.

Once they are in your own though, your lawn will look like this

armyworm_damage Areas will brown off. The nasty like bugs are sucking out their chlorophyl and stop the plants photosynthesis. Another sign is of these moths flying around your lawn.


They really are horrid. So what do you do once they are in your lawn? Well there are DIY sprays and sands pesticides you can use. These are usually very effective. They do require you make sure that you have covered all areas though. Get all those little corners. Check the labels your chosen Lawn Grub Killer for instructions. I always do suggest to people to get the Professionals out to do the job. They know where the little buggers hide and the best times to spray to ensure maximum death to all lawn grubs. The moths can fly up to 5 kilometres to lay their eggs at a good healthy lawn for their babies to devour. So if you see any signs at your house, chat to your neighbours, tell them they may have them as well. Because even if you kill them at your lawn, and your neighbour still has them, they will return quickly.

This time of year with the warmth and the humid wet conditions are the perfect breeding season for the lawn grubs to out of control into plague portions. And this is what kills your lawn. To test to see if you might have some lawn grubs at your home, throw a towel over your lawn tonight, not the browning areas, but the green ones, and when you return in the morning in the daylight, have a look under the town. if you see any of theses act quickly.

CommonArmyworm-Larva-500Call me or email me if you have concerns and I will endeavour to help you as best as we can





  1. Geoffrey Foden says

    Hi Was wondering if you know of anything that I could spray on the house to deter the moths of the armyworm laying their eggs on the walls and eaves.