Installing your new turf – Make Sure You Keep It Watered!

Summer is definitely here. I’m hot. And I’m sure you are too. And the pallet of turf you just had delivered is hot as well. Grass is a living organism and requires sunlight and WATER to grow. So when it sits on a pallet for too long before you install it, the turf slab can become damaged. The inside of a stacked turf pallet can reach upwards of 45 degrees C.  I had a thermometer in one the other day, and even I was surprised. Grass will become stressed in a pallet and like us when we get stressed grass raises its temperature. And the hottest part of the pallet is right in the middle. So order your turf for the day you want to install it. And get it down as quickly as possible. And as you install your turf, and you are drinking heaps and heaps of water, make sure that you give your new turf heaps and heaps of water as well. Make the ground feel all squishy (the best word I could think of) underfoot. And like drinking your water will help you hydrate and cool down and be able to continue to install more turf, by watering your newly installed grass you will help your Grass establish cool down and grow into your wonderful lawn.


And for the next 10 days make sure that you keep up the watering. In the middle of the day is the best time to water and at dusk. In the middle of the day the newly laid turf will lose the most water from its leaves and the ground. So watering your turf then will mean that it losses less. And at dusk the plant is almost relaxing after a hard day of growing so give it a lovely night cap to help it on its way. And use the watering and installation guide on the back of our invoices for the different amounts of water for the different types of grasses.


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Keep your Lawn looking as green and lush as this with a little water.