Green Lawns for Christmas.

Now is the time to start all those exciting preparation for Christmas. I LOVE Christmas. it rocks. All the food, presents, food, family, friends, food, and of course water fights, and food. I love to cook for all our family and friends who come out for the day. We put on a big spread across our lawn and party and eat all day. Its great. I am really looking forward to having our Christmas Day water fight on our bindi free Blue Couch and Palmetto lawn. Our new Blue is coming along beautifully and Palmetto hill under the cubby is soft and bouncy. Our hill of Green Couch has bounced back after the gorgeous rain. It is perfectly understandable why councils use Couches for thier sidewalk areas. There is little to no fuss over the lawn and a bit of water and it flashes back wonderfully GREEN.


Part of our Christmas tradition is to make all our family friends some wonderful cookies for Christmas. Hollie and I started early this year as a practice. we came up with Greening Australia and Turfman!

Cute as

Chat soon


Coastal Turf and Turfman - Greening Australia one cookie at a time

Coastal Turf and Turfman – Greening Australia one cookie at a time

Cookie Turfman
Cookie Turfman

Greening Australia
Greening Australia


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