Green Grass makes happy people

Imagine this at your place

The rain was more than welcome this week. Wasn’t it amazing to here the pitter patter of rain drops on that roof. The farm definitely cheered very loudly when the first drops splashed down onto our paddocks, washing in the gorgeous fantastic organic fertilizer we put out the day before. And the grass is already showing us the rewards with all its green shinning through from the paddocks. And when we sit back and have a look, it really does make us all on the farm smile. That warm happy feeling comes flows across our minds making our days feel shorter.

And as I stand and gaze at our paddock, I think what an amazing lawn this paddock would make. And I imagine how happy and refreshed you would feel either staring our across this Blue Couch lawn from your bed in the morning, or sitting and relaxing with a cool beverage on your verandah peacefully soaking in the atmosphere of your green lush lawn on a warm relaxing afternoon.

I think I may have entered a cool meditation like grass state. With the good lawn grass type though. Its so happy thought making that a Coastal Turf lawn will do that to you.

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  1. What a stunning looking property. And you are totally right when you say it would make a gorgeous lawn, I can think how lovely it would be to park under the shade with a good book. Where is it located please? Cheers, Tony