Cutting the Green

This week has been an exciting full on week. We have been taking turf everywhere. And I have been a busy bee cutting turf left right and center. Think I am loosing weight and getting heaps fitter as well. I told Dad the other day it was definitely better than a gym cause I got to work outside. Marcus (my 5 year old) thinks it way sick (he is 5 and already says way sick!) that I get dirty while getting fit as well. “Hardly any other mums play in the dirt for work mum”. I’m taking it as a compliment.


This week we took over 550sqm of Green couch to Tanglewood near Cabarita Beach for one of our local landscapers. I had to take a snap firstly cause the Wintergreen was gorgeous, but also look at my stacking. It has got heaps better!


The harvested wintergreen couch on a pallet awaiting delivery

The harvested wintergreen couch on a pallet awaiting delivery







A Wintergreen Stack of 50sqm


So with the sun out this week people have started to smile a lot more now, and going out to what used to be a large mud pit, and installing some great grass this week. We look forward to bring more green to peoples life in the coming weeks. And feel excited that your turf was probably stacked by myself. And smile and laugh a little to yourself cause we are cutting in the evening rain so you can have your turf first thing in the morning fresh green and ready to grow at your place.


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