Coastal Buffalo Mix

Do you have a shadier area that is a kids and Dogs playground? Do you need the robust thick leaf of a buffalo but want the soft cushioning of the Blue Couch?


Then the Buffalo Coastal Mix may be your answer. Its great for your shadier areas, or places with full on traffic from kids, dogs, cars, boats, (Not sure about camels, but happy to give it a go). But its still going to be nice and cushioning when you have the tumble play with the kids on the lawn. The deep emerald colour of the mix is very relaxing and comforting as you gaze over your lawn to watch the shenanigans of your family.

We only have a small paddock of this Buffalo Mix, so get in now and have the beautiful lawn you want for the Coastal Mix price. Coastal Buffalo Mix


  1. Hello,

    Just wondering when your coastal mix turf will be available? We require about 50sqm for delivery to southport.

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Sare - Coastal Turf says

    Our Coastal Mix Blue should be ready from the 9th, but in limited amounts.
    I will also have a B grade Buffalo next week as well.
    Hope we can help