Carpet Grass

Turf Grasses really have some strange names don’t they. I mean Buffalo grass (so not a cow), Zoysia (huh?) and then Couch (spelt like the big soft thing you sit on but actually said Cooooch) and then there is Carpet grass. No you don’t have to go out and vacuum it, but if you had big windows it probably would grow inside as it needs very little light to grow and it loves people waking running falling all over it. It is so super hard waring that we install Carpet Grass into preschools with giant shade sails and it thrives. It requires as well very little mowing as it has a tendency to grow out rather than up. Which is great for back yards with pets and kids, because you want them out there having a good time, rather than you be out there mowing all the time. And recent studies have proved that due to Carpet Grass’ leaf composition, Carpet grass is also the least likely to cause an allergic reaction. All in all a lovely little bit of Green…

I guess kinda like Carpet, but a hell of a lot cheaper.


In the spirit of End of Financial Year sales (although I don’t think we will be having a New Financial Years Eve party), we have Carpet Grass on a huge special and free delivery for orders over 300 square meters. I wont put the price on here as blogs last forever, but I will say WOW!


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  1. George Paul says

    I am working with the Environment Department with MCJV, within the Exxon Mobil – PNG LNG Project – Komo International Airfield in Papua New Guinea. The airfiled clearance is about 3 km by 10 km. As part of our job we are required to prepare soil surface and plant carpet grass as a ground cover around the airfield.
    Should you have any advice on the best method to prepare soil and other techniques to use while planting carpet to achieve maximum ground cover in a limited amount of time.
    Your assistance will be appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. Hi George,
    Not really know the climate and soil up there in PNG its a bit tricky.
    Will try and inbox you some tips