Carpet Grass the unsung Grass hero of Backyards

Well the Grass of the Week is Carpet Grass. Its a kids and Dog haven!

Carpet Grass is like the name suggests grows outwards like a carpet across your lawn; making one of its big pluses that there is less mowing. It grows out instead of up. And due to this tendency the grass is really hardy! Its strong form character means that dogs can run back and forward across your lawn and not put a dent in.

Even better is that is grows really well in the shade! Its thick leaves means that the grass will grow in filtered sunlight, like the light under shade sails at Preschools, kindergartens, Day Cares and Schools. It has also been described as the least allergenic grass for kids (meaning that it will be highly unlikely that kids will be allergic or get itchy from Carpet Grass). So it is definitely child friendly.

Now Coastal Turf sells GREEN grass, so please don’t confuse our Carpet Grass for the horrrid red tropical carpet grass from up north. Our Carpet Grass is green soft, hardy and GREEN and will definitely be a bonus to your backyard!

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  1. Deborah Gardner says

    Will carpet grass over run cough?

  2. Sare - Coastal Turf says

    Hi Deborah,
    I’m not sure run across is the right word, but in the shadier areas in the coastal mix the carpet grass becomes the dominant grass. Becoming thick and healthier than the couch.