Buffalo – the new Green

So many times we have all heard the term “The new Black” for something that is new and has just become Super Cool. Well I thought that it was totally the wrong saying for Grass, so i thought maybe the New Green?


Buffalo is definitely what lots and lots of people are on the hunt for at the moment. It is a really tough robust grass that loves the shade. So its very popular for areas like back yards where you want a little shade for lazy (or very full on when you send the kids outside) afternoon. We have had lots of calls for Buffalo’s this week, especially the Palmetto. So the bad news is that due to the wet weather and huge demand for this grass, Coastal Turf now needs 2 days notice for delivery of Buffalo.


But as always we are very happy to do next day delivery on all soft and Lush Green and Queensland Blue Couch.


Chat soon

May your weekend be green



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