Your Lawn Investment

Your Lawn is not only a financial investment, but in a lot of cases an emotional investment as well. But as with any investment, you have to watch and nurture your investment to ensure its growth, and return profit!

Now I’m not saying that your lawn will start growing money (if it does give me a call first, it is probably some bug that I am quite happy to help you get rid of all those 100 dollar notes out of your lawn for you. I’ll go halves…), but profit can come in the form of a cooler house from the effects of having grass around your windows, a beautiful soft safe area that your family can enjoy, or for house sellers, a well maintained lawn can really make a difference in your sell price. Emotionally too if you send your weekends and spare time mowing and weeding your lawn, you feel like it should return something to you.

That is why, like any investment you really need to keep check of it. And like stock’s that are not managed well (just like in the last Global Financial Crisis), your lawns investment can come crashing down if not monitored. Especially at these times of year. The heat and rain and humid winds are just perfect for lawn grubs, fungus and other nastiness to come in and invade your lawn. I know I write about this a lot, but really I field most of the calls this week about peoples lawn dying after it being down for months. Even from so called landscapers….

Vigilance is the key. Keep watch of your lawn. And if you are an organic person, there are solutions out there to help you. For instance chickens love to eat grubs, but you need to have the chickens there before the grubs. Once you see the grubs and then add chickens its like putting a band aid on a fractured limb. Not the best cure. After washing up wipe down your outside awnings with dish washing liquid to get rid of the eggs and also to stop the bugs laying their eggs there again. Lawn grubs are probably the biggest killer of lawns out there at the moment.Watch your lawn for any changes, like leaves curling or browning. Leave a small cloth or towel on your lawn over night. In the morning, lift the cloth and if you have lawn grubs they will be under the cloth because they still think its night time so they are feasting. Do the cloth test every week or so. Catch them early and quick to resolve a problem before it gets out of hand.

Fungus spores are in the air and will attack your lawn in circles, they start out small, and work out. Even spraying the little circles when they start will stop the spread and save your investment.

And after spending all that money on your gorgeous turf and investing time and money into your lawn (especially if you laid the grass yourself – that is a lot of hard work and your effort should be admired and commented on by everyone who comes – even if you just drop the hints that you did lay the grass yourself…) you aren’t safe from other grass types trying to come in and trying to and live at your place. Its like that kid down the road who thinks your cupboard has much better things than their house so just happens to turn up at dinner and lunch time. But a quick hand weed as soon as you spot them can save your investment. Also mowing your lawn on 3 or above to make it spongy and soft will mean that your investment turf should over shadow weeds and keep a few out. Not all but some.

I have really gone on today but I am sadden by people who invest in a lawn and do not take the care that all grasses need to thrive then complain. Turf is a living organism (not orgasm, was careful not to write the wrong one) that requires food, light and water to survive. But to thrive, your investment lawn also needs you! It needs you to watch over it and care to make sure it does thrive to its full potential. And here at Coastal Turf we are happy to help you to do this. We offer this website for your free use to find what information you need. Email us if you need extra info or help, call us for one on one service.

We provide the best turf grass available to the our customers because we know that to you your grass is an investment and we are happy to help you watch it grow! And the returns will be excellent. Going from dirt to lawn is a wonderful site, and keeping your lawn healthy is a rewarding site and feeling.

Thanks, chat soon