World Chocolate Day

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe I missed World Chocolate Day. I almost feel like I have let down every Woman I know.

I even have chocolate in the fridge! Be it hidden very carefully in the fridge so my family thinks it is a vegetable. It is school holidays. You cannot be too careful. I could have had a day of eating delicious chocolate!

Yesterday was July 7th, World Chocolate Day. Today the 8th of July is World Maths 2.0 Day. Somehow it does not really hold the same excitement or ring to it as the World Chocolate Day. Just none of the self indulgent appeal as World Chocolate Day.

World Maths 2.0 Day is all about the combination of Technology and Maths to create a better world. And the wonderful things that these bring. Like our Mobile Phones, our awesome Coffee Machines and our amazing Turf Harvestor.

Without the brilliance of maths and technology I would still be standing in the rain or the hot baking sun on the back of a tractor hand stacking turf for your new lawns. Instead our amazing harvester does it for us and presents it beautifully to you to become our new lawn. Take a look.

So I guess I will be thankful for Maths 2.0 day. It does aide in the harvesting and helps you create a beautiful new lawn at home. Especially my favourite, a Blue Couch lawn. Which is the variety John was harvesting in this video.

And really Maths 2.0 probably had something to do with how my chocolate does get to my house.

Now where is that Cadbury block I hid from the kids…..