Winter Lawns… Which is best for you?

When you think Winter, do you think about cool crisp days outside on the grass watch or playing sport? Or do you think about a warm fire with the flames licking up into the air? Day or night I think I have the perfect winter lawn for you.


I have 2 boys. And really it is best for all of us, that they outside to play. There is less things to break. And outside they can tackle each other and fall on the soft grass. Less broken bones, less broken furniture. And when my daughter wants to hit a hockey ball, its way better to have her outside. And the Wonderful Wintergreen is perfect for cushioning little (and big) bodies and getting a great roll on a ball.

Thats why the professionals use the green couches on the big grounds and probably on your local sporting field as well. Head over to our varieties page for some more Green Goss.


I know that after a long weekend of watching and  cheering my family at sport ( and being concerned that their faces will not be bruised or harmed. This teeth have cost me a fortune and I really cringe every time I see a ball heading towards their faces. Thank God for mouth Guards. Its a mum thing) I love to sit down and relax with a glass of wine. And think about how my investment in my kids smile has paid off. But my kids still NEED to do something. So we have a fire pit at home. And sitting with an Australian Red in hand, watching the flames lick into the night starry sky is so relaxing. And great for my moving kids. They can through in wood and smile and joke. Our yard is really open so we have the sunlight for a Wintergreen couch around our fire.


But for yards, like my friends, who like a bit more privacy from neighbours and the road, she has less light coming in. Her lawn needs to be a bit more shade tolerant as well as being kid and dog tolerant. Especially in winter when all the plants tend to slow their growth. But funnily enough our kids just keep growing….

Anyway, her lawn is beautiful thick leafed buffalo lawn. So its great to sit down on in the afternoon wintergreen sun and watch our boys preform their amazing skate board tricks, or play a bit of soccer on the lawn. Have a look at our different Buffalo lawns by clicking here. 


Or if you would prefer the person touch, just give me a call and I will talk to you about the wonderful lawn that would suit your winter conditions, or sen done of the boys out to quote on site.