Winter lawn installations mean great Spring and Summer outdoor life, and a saving later on

Qld Blue and A BBQ

Qld Blue and A BBQ

This is where I would like to be at the moment. On the soft blue grass enjoying a sausage sandwich cooked on the BBQ. The air filled with the sweet smell of onions, sausages and freshly cut grass. Instead I am inside hiding from the rain. But I like to dream about what our summer will be like. And by putting in your grass over winter, by spring your yard will be ready and raring to go for BBQ’s, backyard sport, and lazy sunny days on the lawn. Ahh I can’t wait. Only 3 more months to go until I can feel the sun upon my legs again. Until then they will be firmly encased in warm jeans and the odd tracksuit.

I don’t know about your family and friends, but we are all now watching our money a little bit closer. And I know with my friends we are now doing more social activities at homes rather than going out to dinner with all the kids. We are spending our money sensibly. And I know that by putting down the grass at our place and limiting the mud that comes into the house when all the family friends are over, turf is very sensible! It means I don’t have to spend time and money to clean up muddy foot prints. By summer the outdoors will be firmly rooted and ready to send the kids out to play and my friends and I to enjoy a quiet time together kicking abck and watching them.

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