Winter Lawn installation – its all good

Well the Sun is out and the Wind is up. So although it looks warm outside its still pretty chilly. And I know that this chill through the air is stopping a  lot of us going outside. But that doesn’t mean that you need to have dirt and mud around for all  of winter either. I have had a lot of people tell me (at parties mostly and at social events – yes like the pub) that Winter is a terrible time to install turf. It always amazes me that even though you are wearing a Coastal Turf shirt, have told them that you have been on the farm and installing turf for at least 20 years now, People still want to give you advice on how to do your job.

I always smile politely at these people and say that this has not been my experience. Yes it is cold and sometimes finger numbing to install a lawn in the winter, but it does the grass no harm. And in my experience the grass establishes really well in winter. I think that is because in winter people are more likely to stay off the grass. When in summer you put down or have us install your new lawn, it looks great and the feeling under your bare feet is amazing so as soon as its down you want to run and wrestle and play all over it consistently. This unfortunately means that the tiny little hair like roots that are coming out of the turf slab into the soil can become broken and then the turf cannot establish properly. And can even take a lot longer to establish. And then there is always the temptation to mow the newly installed grass too soon, again braking those tiny fragile roots. This can lead to dead patches.

In winter however, we are not outside for as long. We are definitely less likely to be running around bare foot, and who really wants to mow in winter? This means that the turf can send out its little roots and establish hassle free. And yes the leaf wont grow as fast but this does not mean that underground has stopped. Its still going great guns. Especially if you a have a nutrient rich soil  or  have placed a little Rooster Booster food for the roots under the turf.

So Winter is a great time to install you new lawn. It means you have less to do. So enjoy your new lawn and if you want clean hands and the peace of mind that your lawn is installed to perfection, then have us install your new lawn for you.

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PS A;though my fingers are numb typing in the cold. Do feel sorry for my husband installing the grass this morning in Tweed. His fingers must be very very cold by now.


Coastal Turf, turning dirt into your new lawn.

Coastal Turf, turning dirt into your new lawn.