Winter Green Lawns

Has the cold made you stay inside this week and cuddle up. I know my favorite place this week has been all snuggled up with my kids in front of the fire. And as I type I am making heaps of spelling mistakes as my cold fingers try and find the right keys. THak god for s[ell check.

But one of the best things I really love to do on e a cold winters day(most Sundays now as our Saturdays are full of Sporting activities.)is to sit in my old comfy chair in the sun, inside in the sunlight, read a book and occasionally stare out the window at the green outside. Looking out at the green really does make me feel more peaceful. And it seems I’m not alone. (And not even when I sit down to read. I have 3 children and when I sit down it means that I REALLY want them to sit and play or fight on my lap. It  really doesn’t, but that’s what my kids think).

Coastal Turf's grasses


Research  has shown that people who have a green area to look at feel more at ease and less stressed. That’s why they have large green areas in hospitals, and in parks near large built up areas.

And keeping your lawn green and healthy is not hard in winter. After you install a Coastal Turf Lawn, even in winter, we send along a guide with best tips for optimum lawn health. They are simple easy to follow instructions so you aren’t worried about your lawn, and when its not so cold outside you can go back to enjoying your green lush lawn.

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(When my fingers acn type again)