Winter green Colour

20130523-105425.jpgI have had a lot of calls lately about wil my new lawn holds it winter colour? For those people getting the Wintergreen couch of course!


Wintergreen is called winter -green for a reason. Firstly because it is a green couch but also because it holds its great green all throughout winter as well as summer. Of the old wintergreen is often palmed off as the ugly little sister that no one wants to take to the ball. But really it is the beautiful draught horse in the paddock that can work hard all day and still look pretty at the end.

Many a school has wintergreen couch in their playgrounds. Many will scoff and say its because its cheap, but its Wintergreen is tough. Wintergreen can handle your jokes, its a robust lawn that can handle just about anything! It can be ripped up by kids boots for footy times, hammered will athletics carnivals, and skipped to dust by those impressive skipping kids, and the next week it will grow back, as green as ever. And even in winter return with its beautiful rich colour. As a front lawn, I have seen some amazing examples of near Bowling green styles (bowling greens are a type of green couch) Lawns. And I have also seen rentals that have teenagers or early 20s occupied dwellings where cars are parked on the lawn, and good old wintergreen spring back to life.

Wintergreen, she is soft to the touch, has a tough inner core, and looks beauiful all year round. Wow. nearly the perfect lady…


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