How will Santa get to your house this year?

I love having little kids in our family. Especially at this time of year. They are really the joy of Christmas! And they say the best things!


While standing in line to get our Santa photos (again. I think have had 4 now and still not everyone is smiling. Have tried with just my kids, with all the cousins, with family, you name it and we still cannot get everyone to smile at the same time.) with my niece Mia and my youngest son Marcus and we were all chatting about how excited we all are for Christmas and all our families being together and having fun. As we were getting closer to the end of the line, closer to the all powerful and amazing Santa, Mia and Marcus suddenly realised that neither of our families had a chimney and how would poor old santa get into our houses? Our windows are too small for him said Mia.


Up pipes Marcus in his authoritative 6 year old way (as Mia is only 5 and obviously doesn’t know as much as he does about life), “Well Mia. It goes like this. He lands his sleigh on your lawn. Thats why you leave carrots on your lawn. But it has to be soft lawn other wise all the presents will get dusty and dirty. Then he Magics in to your hose and leaves the presents. But ONLY Mia if you have been good!”. In my head I am thinking, but Santa is meant to come down dirty smelly smokey chimneys. What difference will a little dirt make? But I am not 5 or 6 so maybe some of the Christmas magic is not shinning so bright in my eyes.

“Of Course!” said Mia. “Thank goodness your Mum just put that new lawn in at our place. My presents will be safe!”

So after a major crisis for Santa had been resolved, Thank Goodness, we moved up the line to tell Santa he would be able to find Mia’s house easily from its bright green soft lawn and that the Deer would be happy standing upon it, and that all the presents wouldn’t get dirty.


So if you have a 5 or 6 year old at your house who don’t know how Santa will get to your place, tell them on good 6 year old authority that a nice soft fluffy lawn, and a bit of magic is how he does it.

And of course I believe that a Coastal Turf lawn will mean a softer quite landing for Santa, and a better new year for all.

Merry Christmas everyone


I was going to put Mia and Marcus’ Santa photo here but I couldn’t get either of them to smile at the same time. Both of them were too busy talking.