What will my new lawn look Like?

I love going for little walks around the farm with customers who come out to have an up close as well as distance look at what they would like their new lawn to look like. I love it for lots of reasons. Firstly I love a bit of a chat, and I love relating Grass Facts to people so showing people the farm is the best of both worlds. I know some people think I am a little Lawn Crazy or a LAWNATIC as my husband calls it, but a little knowledge goes a long way.

And also sometimes seeing a little picture on your phone, on your tablet or computer it is hard to really see what the grass will look like up close, or at a distance as people walk past your home. And probably the most important, what your new lawn will FEEL like. Up close, then arms length as well as from a  distance can all look different. And the feel touch and smell of your new lawn is so super important. That’s the main reason I love taking people around the farm to look at different grasses. Their face changes for each different new type of grass, and the look of satisfaction when we find the right grass for them is wonderful. It is definitely something that makes us both happy.

So for all those Qld Blue Couch lovers out there who cannot make it to 279 Round Mountain Rd, Round Mountain, I have included a picture of up close, small distance, and long paddock views of Qld Blue. Unfortunately I cannot include the smell of the fresh cut lawn, but I will continue to work on the means of sending smell thought the phone! IMG_2921Chat Soon (hopefully at the farm)