Will my new lawn establish properly in Winter?

Often at this time of year I get a lot of questions from people asking if this is a good time of year to install a new lawn. Due to the slowing down of plants leaf growth in winter, many peopler worried that their new lawn’s root system won’t take other.

But its all good with a Coastal Turf lawn. Our turf slabs are cut nice and thick, not only to increase my arm muscles and leave no need for me to join a gym because I hand stack your turf onto the pallets, but because we like to send along to their new homes as much roots and soil as we can to ensure optimum establishment. We try and take the worry out of establishing your lawn. And leave you with the happy peace of mind that a beautiful green lawn gives you. A real breath of fresh air. Giving you more time to lull and lounge over your lawn (especially if it is a couch lawn. hehe turf pun there).

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