Why the green Grass

Every now and again I am reminded the importance of having a lovely lawn to play on. At our house we have Coastal Mix which is so soft and lovely to play on at the moment. Its brilliant! Marcus loves to play soccer on there and Holl preforms her lastest dance spectacular there, and Riley sits on it and takes photos of the others enjoying the grass.

I love the soft Coastal Mix because I recently was tackled in a game of what I thought was soccer but turned into Football. Are Mothers meant to play Football with tackling? Only on really soft grass I say! Because even though Marcus is only little boy, once your legs are out from under you you still go down! And its far worse when Riley gets in on the action.

So now that Autumn is here and the Football season is starting (Hurray many cheer, Ohhhh say others) Please Please Please put in a lovely soft grass like Coastal Mix with its soft Queensland Blue Couch and Hardy Carpet Grass to protect mothers who are tackled in the yard unbeknown to them. It may not save a life, but it will save a small child being yelled at for a long time. In their eyes just as important.

Yours in battle scars

Riley Marcus and Me after I have been tackled in play. Notice nice soft grass to land on. That was really important this morning.  Oh the games before the bus are fun!