Why choose a Coastal Turf Lawn ?

Whats the advantages of becoming an owner of a  Coastal Turf lawn? 

Beauty, Personal Style and Service. 

A Coastal Turf lawn is an investment. An investment into your home, your future and your family. So it is something that you should take the time and energy to think about. And, like any investment into your future, you should talk to a professional. At Coastal Turf , we couldn’t think of anyone better to talk to about grass, than the people who actually grow, love and care for your lawn while it is still maturing; (And known as our paddocks), the people who preform installations, and people who also have service lawns regularly. At Coastal Turf we have all these people, sometimes wrapped up into one.

John, Michael and Paul are out on the farm every day manicuring the paddocks to ensure they grow to their full potential to become the best looking grass around. These men are amazing. They can look at a a paddock and instinctively know what each variety needs to enrich its growth. They know when each area is at optimum growth and ready for harvest. And these men and I are the ones that harvest the paddocks, carefully making sure the slab is full of beauty, to become your new lawn. 

From our family farm to your lawn.

But before we can put our harvester into our paddocks, Belinda, Barbara, Tony, Brett or Myself will have a chat with you about which varieties, which grade, which feel is best suited to your lifestyle and home. We personally style  with you the perfect lawn.  Our team make sure we take the time to tailor fit each customer with their variety. There is no one grass suits all. We can talk to you over the phone, or we can come to your house and help you turn your house into a hoe with a personal onsite quote. 

Some people love a soft cushioning lawn; Others love a tough robust shade tolerant lawn; Others need a combination of the two. The best part about our consult team is that all of us are at different stages of our lives. Our team is made up of Mums and Dads of little and big kids, Grandparents and outdoor people. So with all combined knowledge about the grasses and life experience we pride ourselves on creating the best fit lawn for you. It also helps that all of our team have spent time on the farm, and installed a lawn or two, and preform after care services to lawns.  As part of Coastal Turf’s pre-delivery service, we email you an installation and after care guide. This way if you have decided to DIY you know exactly what the steps and processes are to ensure our Perfect Paddocks become your Luscious Lawn. The only thing we won’t tell you about the installation process is the type of food and drink you should serve to everyone after they have helped you install your new lawn. (Personally, if I am helping you, I prefer a good sausage sandwich and a chilled Rose`. Just saying.) 

After our consult team tailor selects a variety to you and arranges the best time for delivery for you, I head down to the farm. Micheal, Paul, John and myself set to work harvesting your new lawn from our gorgeous green paddocks to become your lawn. The turf is stacked on pallets by our Trebro. 

These pallets are then loaded onto our trucks and either Paul or Michael will bring these pallets of Green to your place. If you have engaged Tony or Brent to install your new lawn, they will be there when Paul or Michael unload.  If you are a DIY person, or someone who has friends that owe them favours, the boys will ask you where you would like the turf placed for your ease of installation.  

The boys installation crew are fantastic. They know the perfect way to ensure the lay of the land is efficient for your needs. They take a dirty brown area and turn it into a gorgeous green lawn. A place where you, your children, family and friends can frolic and relax for years to come. And all without getting your hands dirty. The installation crew will talk to you about the aftercare procedures to ensure the long term health of your lawn. They will of course provide you with the Aftercare guide from Coastal Turf, but sometimes its nicer to have someone explain it as well. 

After your lawn is installed, and you consult your guide, but you still have some questions; Give us a call. Have a chat with us about how your lawn is going. We are more than happy to talk to you years into the future about the health and well being of your lawn. We know the best fertilisers, the best weed eradicators, and encourage everyone to be Lawn Grub vigilantes. So we can chat or visit your lawn to make sure your investment returns dividends. 

And in any investment, isn’t that the most important part? That you get a return on  what you paid for? By purchasing a Coastal Turf lawn, you are not only buying a beautiful lawn, with the knowledge that you are buying straight from the farm, but you are also getting peace of mind that if you do run across any trip ups in the future with your lawn, then a Coastal Turf Professional with expert knowledge is just a phone call away. 


Get your lawn tailor grow for you now! 

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