Which lawn would you prefer?

The weather is really dry again and peoples preparation of their lawns is really starting to show.

Its the old saying that doing more now saves your back later rings very true when it comes to your lawn.

By preparing your lawn with a good under turf soil mixed with some fantastic organics like chicken manure and mushroom compost you create a fantastic nurturing environment for your new turf to start outs it life as your lawn. Having a good Soil means that the nutrients your law will crave will be readily available straight away for the little roots to access as they venture out of of the slab and try and establish.

A wonderful soil mixture will also encourage micro-organisms and worms into your soil. These create the pathways for your new little roots to follow to establish long term. Also their “waste” products leave great food for the roots to absorb on their way through the pathways.


Choosing the correct variety for your home is super important as well. So many times people choose a “buffalo” because it is what they see on TV. But in a full hot sun all day long the Buffalo won’t necessarily preform as well as say a Couch will. A drought tolerant lawn at the moment is really important. Where has the rain gone? We had tones of rain, and now none? So having a native lawn like the Blue Couch or a Coastal Mix, who understands we get tonnes of rain and then no rain, while still holding their colour, is really advantages at the moment.

Or by having an irrigation system that slowly feeds water into your lawn small bits at a time mean that the leaves stay soft, subtle and green all year round without costing you lots of money in water bills.

Give Coastal Turf a call and we can arrange for one of our Turfmen to come out and quote on the best for your new or existing law.

Because which side of the fence would you prefer to live on? 

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