Where the green begins

Have you ever had that conversation with your kids where’s the rainbow begins and ends? My kids and I were driving in the car yesterday and chatting as you do and we all saw this amazing rainbow. It was gorgeous. Tried to get a picture but as I was driving I had the kids snapping away and I mostly got pictures of each other and fingers. My kids are talented in so many areas but define toy not gifted when it comes to taking photos of landscapes. Where as if you need someone to take a photo up someone’s nose then I have your man!

Off the point. Anyway we were talking about where the colours in the rainbow come from and as I launched myself into a boring scientific explanation, my daughter says in a matter of fact type way over the top of me ” obviously the blue comes the sea, and the yellow from the sun and the green from the grass on our farm”. That seemed like a better explanation than mine.

So if you would like green grass at your houses that is as green bad the green in a rainbow, give us a call. I presume that type of grass she was talking about wasn’t Qld blue couch, so maybe it’s the deep green of Empire Zoysia, or the emerald green of Palmetto buffalo, or the deepness of the wintergreen! Decide for yourself! Come check out the green of the rainbow at Coastal Turf!

Chat soon