Where can you see the different types of turf?

I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays are donut days at the farm. Now you may be thinking that Donut Day is about something really technical, and maybe a trade secret. Well no. Its just delicious circle shaped pastry for morning tea day.

And I love it. I think that Donuts are a crowd favourite. They come in all shapes, sizes, flavours and wheat and noon wheat varieties. A Beautiful round delight for every taste. Like the different varieties of turf that we supply. Different tastes require different types of turf. But please do not eat your turf. It is not as tasty as a donut.

This Wednesday I headed over to Chinderah to purchase some donuts on the way back from visiting a lovely lady. The area I usually park was all taken, so I pulled up in front of JH Williams to leave the car quickly while I ran into to purchase my donuts. Well, donuts for all the crew. Being the polite young lady that I am, and also that I knew they would share, I bought an extra box of donuts for the Boys at JH Williams as a bit of a thank you for looking after our display plots at Chinderah.

As I took a stroll The yard looks amazing, not even the cold winter days have knocked around the display plots. The grass areas really shows you what your lawn can look ,like at your place. Much more I think than if you looked at the grass on the farm. On the farm its just a long paddock, and hard to visualise as a smaller patch at home. But as a smaller plot with pavers and bricks around it, looks more homely. And its near donuts!

So pull in to the JH Williams at (Click the link for directions)  24 Ozone St, Chinderah 

And go see the beautiful little lawn plots and that could be your lawn. Order straight away with the boys there, or give me a call and we can arrange pick up or delivery.

Stroll down side the Beautiful Blue