Where can you get grass on a Saturday?

Well at Coastal turf we don’t really believe in having 2 days off a week, just one is enough for Dad. He is not the type to sit around and watch tv. He would rather be out on the farm or better yet in the truck bringing grass to your house- Rain Hail or Shine.
If you want to install your turf on Saturday why have it sitting at your place cooking in the sun or being drowned in the rain when you can have it delivered first thing Saturday morning?

And we all get involved. Last week I was told that since Marcus is at preschool now and I have 2 days at work without him (I had all these delusions of having a day to myself maybe doing ladies lunch or something relaxing. Silly me) I could learn to drive the bobcat and maybe even the big truck. So watch out for me one Saturday delivering to your place. I do enjoy the office though. I was going to say that it’s calmer and easier but in retrospect the office doesn’t have air conditioning and the truck does. I end up walking around the office and then back and forth from the farm and the truck I can sit and maybe even enjoy a little music. And I don’t mind being dirty. Hang on I think this may be a good idea. It’s just I don’t know if I am as strong as the men in the trucks when it comes to pulling out the ramps. I know I’ll take my kids to help. Awesome
Just please remember I will still need at least a days notice to get you your turf.

So see you soon