When do you mow after installing your Turf?

Unfortunately over the last few weeks I have been getting calls from some customers who have mowed their newly installed turf way too soon and nearly killed their newly installed lawns.

I can’t stress enough how important it is not to mow your lawn until at least a month after installation! I understand that with all the beautiful rain and then warm spring days the turf will be getting lovely and long, but under the ground the turf is still trying to establish it’s new root system.

When you first install the turf please don’t walk on it for at least 10 days. The roots are desperately trying to root themselves down into your soil, but if you move the turf slab around on top of the soil, the newly formed roots will break and splinter, making the establishment time longer and harder for the grass.

During this establishment period, the leaves are the only thing that is keeping the plant alive, so don’t cut off its food and water and energy supply by mowing it! Please give the little plant a chance. On the back on your invoice is an easy installation guide and a quick info about establishing your turf. Give it a quick read when you are putting down the turf…

And please don’t spray your grass during this establishment period! Only organic fertilizer should be used to promote growth at this time. If you think a nasty bug or fungus has gotten into your lawn, give us a call for a bit of Turf Farmer advice.